Welcome to the journey of discovering myself!

If you are new to this, let me introduce myself. My name is Teresa and I just finished my PhD in chemistry. I did a Bachelor in Chemistry and, then, graduated cum laude from La Sapienza – the University of Rome in 2014. My PhD research was based on C-H activations and how to develop more sustainable chemical reactions. To design my research, I looked look at the way nature does some chemical reactions and I successfully replicate the same chemistry in the chemistry lab.

I started my blogging journey in May 2017 as a diary to document my weight loss journey. The body transformation was the beginning of a deeper emotional, intellectual and personal change. Through my website, blogging, Instagram page and all events that happened since I moved to England in 2015, I discovered myself and became fully aware of my potential. My self-esteem and confidence grew incredibly. I defined my own identity and my journey allowed me to become much more than a scientist, PhD student or researcher. Part of the journey of discovering myself meant healing from my chronic anxiety and depression. It was a long and painful journey which is hopefully coming to an end.

Nothing has to be feared in life but understood! cit.

I started my website as a diary of my PhD journey, talking about myself, my research and how it was like to be a woman in a male-dominated field. The conditions and situations that drove me to start this website no longer exist. I am not depressed anymore, I finished my PhD, I have a job as scientist in a pharmaceutical company and I don’t want to be identified as a PhD student of Instagram or science communicator for the rest of my life. I recognised that my life was only science, and all I was doing was science communication as a hobby and science as a job.


The blog and my Instagram page will become a space to talk about me, the woman and the person behind the brand and how I have been changing to step up with the next chapter of my life. Science is my job, it does not define who I am!

So welcome to my space and hopefully, you’ll be curious to learn more about myself and this new adventure of discovering myself again!