Welcome to my space!

If you are new to this, let me introduce myself. My name is Teresa and I am doing the last year of my PhD. PhDToSuccess was my old website which was a space I created for people to learn how to be successful in grad school, which doesn’t necessarily mean publishing 5 papers, doing a postdoc after graduation or being the smartest kids of the class. Success is a personal achievement and everyone enrolled in a PhD programme should feel successful.🤴🏽👸🏽



I am currently doing a PhD in Sustainable Chemistry. I graduated cum laude from La Sapienza – the University of Rome in 2014. My current research is based on C-H activations and how to develop more sustainable chemical reactions. To design my research, I looked look at the way nature does some chemical reactions and I successfully replicate the same chemistry in the chemistry lab.


I am very active in science communication. I believe one of the duties of a scientist is to engage and tell about their research to the general public. I took part and organised STEM OutReach events, like the Pint of Science Festival and the Festival and Science and Curiosity. I run a YouTube channel where I talked about my research and interesting facts about the elements of the periodic table. I use Instagram to share pictures of my everyday labwork and talk about chemistry.

Science is for and belongs to everyone.

I am a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion in science. With my social media presence, I try to address sensitive topics such as the problem of encouraging more girls in science and current students to stay in STEM. I also believe that the scientific community wasn’t very fair towards minorities, people of colour as well as queer scientists. I hope to bridge the gender and race gap in STEM by delivering the message that science is for and belongs to everyone.