Waste-free travelling

I love travelling for leisure, business and visit my family. I travel at least twice a year to go to Italy and spend time in my hometown. With the recent policies of low-cost travel companies to bring only one small luggage in the cabin, you might think of bringing the bare minimun and buying the rest at the airport. For me, some stuff are no negotiable, I prefer to pack waste-free items and reduce my impact on the environment rather than packing and extra pair of shoes or a bag.

Switching to plastic-free items will spare you buying small plastic bottles for face creams and shampoo. In fact most waste-free toilet items are solid and there is no need to limit on the quantity you can bring along with you. Dry shampoo and body wash are definetely something you should consider buying for travelling and for your everyday shower. They come without package and last as long as common body wash gels.


On boxing day, I went down to Nottingham city centrer in the owe of a nice bargain. I found this reusable mug in Marks and Spencer at the price of only £1.50. I brought it with me and I got a nice discount of 5% on my cappuccino in Starbucks. I used the same mug on the aircraft, asked the cabin crew to make my tea in my mug and refused all the plastic and single-use items they have on board. To buy a similar mug, please check here. Invest buying a water bottle too. We all know that liquids aren’t allowed so having your own bottle will save you some money and avoid using plastic too. I refilled my bottle straight after the security check at the East Midlands airport. I bought the bottle in Sainsbury’s home at the price of £6 and it’s made of bamboo and glass.



Travelling can be exhausting: waiting for security checks, long flights, long stopover to change airport etc. Invest this time to take care for yourself: reading a book, finish those things that you have been procastinating for long etc. Some airports have wellness facilities such as a spa or saloon where you can take a massage or do your hair. Finally, don’t forget to bring you headphones and listen to a meditaton track to help relaxing in these moments.



What else you do while travelling?

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