Top 9 Women-Led SciComm Blogs!

Last year, to celebrate the International day of women and girl in science my friend Agata published a blog article with her 9 favourite women-led scicomm blogs. Check it out. I had the pleasure to meet some of these women over the year as well as building strong connections with them. Thanks Agata

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Be a Scientist - by Agata

11th of February is The International Day of Women and Girls in Science!!!

It is a very special day of the year celebrating Women who dedicated their lives, time, passions or hobbies into Science! Historically, without many many many intelligent Women our mankind wouldn’t be the same as it is now! Nowadays, many Women in science decided to share their passion to a wider audience by science communication. They do a wonderful job, and today, this post is going to be about them!

I would like to spread the word about 9 fantastic Ladies and their work on science communication blogs! These Women post scientific cool facts, shares PhD experiences and life-balance tips for you!

I hope you will find your new favourite blog in this article! Additionally, you can find here info to these Ladies’ social media like Instagram, Tweeter, YouTube or Facebook, so you can follow them and see…

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