I keep constantly on top of my long to-do lists!

The end of February is coming soon and it’s that time of the month when I check how I keep up with my personal and professional growth. If you missed the January edition click here. February has been a month dense of good news and changes. The biggest news was that I got a job offer and I will start a new position as a research chemist in pharma in less than 10 days.  When I was told that my interview was successful and the company wanted me to start the new job asap, I couldn’t believe it. After months and months of travelling up and down the country, rejections, motivation letters, CV editing, financial pressure, being stuck with my life without being able to make plans for the future, I couldn’t believe that I was finally able just to sit back and relax (not for long though!).

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How I got my dream job! – A personal perspective

The right job is like the wedding dress, when you see the right one, you feel it!

I have been jumping around for the past 3 days because I got a job offer for a position as a scientist in a pharmaceutical company. I am beyond ecstatic to keep working in research and use my knowledge and silks to promote innovation in the field of drug discovery. Honestly, it sounds incredible!
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How I manage my time effectly and productively

Last year, I decided to use my blog as a sort of diary to assess different points of my life, like professional career which was my PhD at the time, personal growth, self-care and social life. I started from January and I continued up until the end of my PhD. It was a very therapeutic thing because it made me reflect on my progress and how to improve myself every day and becoming a better person than the day before.

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