Surviving the global pandemic – personal perspective

This is a personal post based on my personal views and experience. Please keep your judgement for yourself. Thanks

We’ve been 3 weeks into the lockdown here in the UK and I kind of managed to reach a sense of “normality”, whatever this means these days. I wrote about protecting your mental health during a global pandemic about 4 weeks ago, so if you want to read more about it please check my previous article. This article isn’t intended to be a guide on how to survive the quarantine. Everyone is different and people deal with drastic and unexpected situations differently. I just would like to share my experience and help others navigating those unexpected and unprecedente circumstances.

The pandemic hit my mental health badly. Over the last 2 years, I did a massive afford to heal from my depression, manage my feelings and thoughts and don’t allow my depressive thoughts to control my life. Unfortunately, some of the situations I came across since Corona arrived brought myself and many of us, I suppose, in survival mode. Basic needs such as buying food and toilet rolls at the supermarket weren’t obvious anymore. Going out seemed like walking into the jungle trying to defend yourself by other human beings because “who knows if they have Corona and can infect me?” It was just terrible.

We all went back to a world where people had to hunt for food and saw the surrounding as a lethal threat.

Putting a mental barrier between myself and the pandemic hasn’t been easy. Readjusting to new normality took a while and after 3 weeks of ups and downs, I finally managed to accept that this is going to be the new “normal” for a while.

I missed the gym incredibly. Doing physical exercise is so important to keep my mind sane. I was never keen on doing at-home workouts as I prefer to join classes, exercise with other people and have guidance from a personal trainer. That wasn’t possible anymore so I gave the at-home workout a go. Luckily, despite the lockdown, we we93129943_223593752193797_5222405981094281216_nre granted 1 hour of physical exercise outdoors and I took this chance to do yoga on the beach. You tell me if you can think of a better setting to do exercise. For more high-intensity training, I use YouTube. Many personal trainers lost their job due to the pandemic and some of them moved to online coaching. You can find anything on YouTube these days. Yoga, pilates, HIIT, core and abs, legs and many routines don’t need any equipment. I wasn’t sure if this indoor training would have worked out as well as going to the gym but I have been loving it. To be fair, I am not even sure if I will join a gym at all when the social distance restrictions ease off. I exercise whenever I want, outdoors or indoors and it’s free!

Many personal trainers lost their job due to the pandemic and so they moved to online coaching!

I had a rough time in the first few days of lockdown. I felt so bad emotionally that I had to take time off from work. Since I started doing HIIT every day, I hadn’t had any depressive thought and my mood is more up than down.

Spending loads of time at home means that I can dedicate time to all m92714955_962053924210029_2089852681605611520_ny hobbies and express my creativity. I love DIY and create decorations for the house. Before all this Coronavirus situation started, I  did my Halloween and Christmas decors too. Despite the lockdown, online shopping is still alive so I managed to buy stuff from IKEA. I made my own fancy candles for the overall cost of 3£.  I used the little stones and shells I found on the beach and a lot of creativity to decorate my house. I also like crocheting, so I decided to make my own window curtains but this is a long-term project and it’s just started.

I finally got the time to bring back my creativity!

Many of us have been suffering because the social distance rules imply than we won’t spend this Easter “break” with family members and friends. It sucks. I had great plans for this long bank holiday weekend but I am stuck at home like everyone else. It’s sad but I decided to make my own celebration regardless. I bought fancy food, and I force myself to cook something nice every day. I bought flowers and I decorated the table as if it was a proper holiday! I mean, we all know that food is a big component of every Italian celebration!92934107_248581922995837_2298473425154342912_n

Everyone is different and there is no right or wrong way to cope with the pandemic!

Of course, I am not perfect and readjustment also meant drinking too much wine, junk food and chilling on sofa binge-watching Netflix. I went to bed around 8-9 pm until last week because I was constantly exhausted. Progress and readjustment look different for anyone in normal circumstances and, above all, during this unpredicted situation. Everyone is different and there is no right or wrong way to cope with the pandemic. Do what’s best for you without following someone else’s agenda is always the best and most important option!

Happy quarantine !

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