Enjoying my staycation

I think we pretty much established that 2020 was going to be the year of change and unexpected events. For the first time in 30 years, I won’t spend my summer holiday with my family in Italy and for the first time in 10 years, my summer holidays will be only for me. I don’t have to worry about studying for exams, writing thesis, PhD bullshit, all this time off is for me, not for science.

I came across an article about the psychological effects of Covid-19. Research showed that the pandemic hit folks in European counties badly. This is because of the severity of the lockdown and the enforced isolation. Did people really think that reducing life to eat, work, sleep, repeat was going to do any good for the population? Women tend to suffer more and the psychological effects can be persistent. They also suggested that thinking positively is the first step towards healing. So, I am trying to stay positive, which doesn’t always work out, but I don’t have any other option, right?

I am trying to make the most of where I am! MHN

This isn’t the holiday I had in mind for this summer. I was supposed to be in Italy with my family celebrating the end of my and my sister’s PhDs, our first employments, my 30th birthday and much more. Instead, I am trying to appreciate the things I have here and make the most of this unusual time. As much as I like to complain, I am very much aware my situation is better off than the vast majority of the world population. I live on my own, have enough money to sustain a certain lifestyle and the place where I live is a touristic location. In fact, the city where I am located was ranked the number one seaside location in the country.

To see the positive side of this, I have been making jokes saying that I will stay in the best hotel in the UK called my house. It isn’t really a joke because I made “living my best life every day” as one of my life goals. I feel like media and social media have amplified the wrong message of what relaxation and self-care look like. What’s the point of working like a maniac 24/7 and spend a fortune to go on holiday to a fancy location just to show off on social media? Isn’t better to create a life you enjoy every day rather than a miserable one you want to escape from?

Real luxury isn’t working like a maniac to enjoy expensive holidays but to create a life you enjoy every day

My hotel room

I have been doing loads of travelling around this area. You can check my previous visit to Canterbury here. The weather has been nice and warm and it’s perfect to move around and enjoying stuff. I made it to the white cliffs of Dover. They are 40 min walking distance from the train station Dover Priory and it’s better to have comfy shoes because there’s a lot to climb up to get there. Once you get to the top, the view on the port, the cliffs and the castle is stunning. And the most surprising part was that access to this location is free.

The Castle is a medieval construction built by Henry II to protect the southern board of England. Because of Covid-19, entrance to the castle is limited and you need to book your tickets online. Entrance is rather expensive though, so I decided not to go in and just enjoy the view from the outside.

Ciao for now and see you for the next adventure.

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