A day at St Margaret’s Bay

My staycation is coming to an end and this is the last weekend on holiday. When I booked my holiday last month, I didn’t know this was going to be the hottest week of the year. Temperatures reached up to 36 C in some places like London, for example. Hello, climate changes!

First of all, if you want to travel around in the heatwave make sure you bring plenty of water and suncream with you. Eco-friendly advice: bring your own water bottle and refill if needed instead of buying single-use plastic that kills the enviroment. I tend to put electrolites in my water bottle and I use suncream on my arms and face even I walk around. Being exposed to the sun without adequate protection cause skin cancer and sun is also the major cause of ageing. It’s also good to wear light-coloured clothes made of natural fabric like cotton and linen instead of plastic-based ones.

St Margaret’s Bay is located 3 km (2m) away from the train station Martin Mill. When you arrive there, it’s a bit weird to think that you’re heading to the seaside as you will find yourself immersed in the most typical side of Kent: the countryside.

Rural Kent

Once you get to the train station, you can either walk, it’s rather a long distance though, or cycling. I did it on my bike but it’s a lot heely. If you aren’t used to it, the best option is to get a cab which sounds also a great idea in the middle of a heatwave.

St Margaret’s Bay is possibly one of the best locations I went to for sunbathing. It’s a small bay encompassed by the white cliffs. The view is stunning and the water crystal clear. If you swim, stand up paddle surf or kayak a bit further away from the cost, you’ll get a wide view to the white cliffs from afar. One of the things I like the most about St Margaret’s Bay is the that, due to the location, it gets no wind. That was something new! The town where I live is well-know for being windy and it gets super annoying to be on the beach when the wind runs miles/hour.

View on St Margaret’s Bay

If you are travelling on a bugdet, the best option is to pack your lunch. Alternatively, you can get a meal and drink at the Costguard, which is the closest pub to France in the UK. In fact, St Margaret’s Bay is also the starting point of all brave people who are trying to swim cross the English Channel.

My personal recommendation is to get a light meal avoiding burgers and chips and go for a soft drink instead of alcoholic beverages. Heavy meals and alcohol aren’t recommended when the weather is so hot and should be avoided overall. With the current pandemic and temperatures rising consistently every year, it’s becoming more and more important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and introduce permanent changes towards healthy and more sustainable lifestyle choices.

The Costguard