New year, new me? No thanks, I’m okay

This’s been quite a year! Loads of things have changed inside and outside me! As the end of the year is approaching, I am trying to make a sammury of what’s been so far. I have started this tradition in 2018, click here to check the blog article. Back then, I started changing my approach to NYR. Since all my previous resolutions failed miserably, I decided that just writing down a couple of blanket statements would let me nowhere.

I am moving differently because I want different, old ways won’t open new doors!

I set a couple of things I wanted to accomplish by the end of the year, but differently than any year before, I came up with a plan. I wanted to finish my PhD, become more serious about my social media presence and manage my pages more professionally, for example. To check my progress and how well/badly I was doing, I set myself the challenge to write a blog article every month to check and evaluate my progress. What was going well? What didn’t work? What did I have to do differently? Most importantly, life happened, and loads of my goals either became less important or no longer a priority. Then I had to sit down and came up with different plans or goals.

Set a goal and come up with a plan too!

In 2019, I smashed my goals. I handed in my PhD thesis in time, I secured loads of job interviews, my social media presence skyrocketed and started making money through it, I did a massive work on myself to heal from my long-term depression and manage my social anxiety.

This year looked different than most. I think the isolation gave loads of space to think and I have been going through self-reflection all along. I did start the ritual of blogging every month back in January but didn’t follow through. Most of the year was spent alone or on the sofa due to covid restrictions. There were a lot of moments that felt unbearable and exasperating and honestly I didn’t feel like writing or sharing positivity. I went through a lot of mental health crisis and, despite I have always talked about my depression on my blog, this time didn’t seem to be appropriate.

The lack of writing didn’t mean lack of progress or reflections. I have been asking myself what I want for next year and I haven’t found the answer yet. I divided my life into 5 categories: work, self-care, social life, financial plans and personal development. I am okay with my job, my finances are doing well, leaving academia made self-care effortless and my social life is a bit on hold not because of me but because of covid restrictions. So there’s no need to stress about it.

I forced myself to write down a couple of things like getting back into shape, being more consistent with the exercise routine or saving money to buy a house (hopefully at the end of next year) but there’s really nothing extraordinary. Everyone’s NYR is to lose weight and get back into shape, possibly this moment in time is the most wanted thing of everyone on this planet.

Santa didn’t pass by this year, he said that I already have everything and I better behave for next year!

The grand finale of 2020 is realising that I am pretty much okay with myself and there’s nothing I want to change. My life is perfect, my mental health has never been better, I love my job and my bank account is happy. I don’t have any plan for next year and I think I prefer to leave my vision board open. 2020 has taught me how to deal with the unexpected, moving one step at a time, thriving in the dark, appreciating everything I have and celebrating every small success no matter how big or small they are. The best thing I can do for myself is to bring this mindset forward or as long as the pandemic rolls on and make a fresh start when life resumes again as normal.

Happy new year everyone,

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