What about the longest January of history?

It’s that time of the month again when I sit down to reflect on the month that just finished. I set this as one of my intentions of 2021 and it’s a way for me to break annual goals into small and more attainable tasks. So, at the beginning of every month, I take one or two hours of my time to reflect, evaluate my progress and set the intentions for the next month. I think it’s always good to check on yourself and whether you’re moving in the right direction in life.

This January has been a long month. I was so looking forward to the end of 2020. Literally, I couldn’t wait to draw a line from what’s been in the past and start with a fresh and brand new mindset. I wanted so desperately this year to be different despite I knew that there wasn’t going to be any difference between Dec 31st and Jan 1st. In fact, circumstances didn’t change the year started with a new national lockdown, but I CHANGED and I can confidently say that this is one of the rare times in my life when my mind is at peace.

90% of the things happening around me are just background noise these days because I am at peace with myself!

It took a great deal of my time to sit down and write the intentions of January. I was severely burned out from 2020. I was off for 2 weeks during Christmas and that was the only time I had the chance to stop after 10 months of hell. My PhD was over, I didn’t have to work, no stress over Christmas dinners and gifts because of lockdown. All that time was for me and me only to relax and calm down.

The most important thing of the pandemic year was making it just in time to find a job before hell on earth started. Going to lab and doing science bring a lot of joy into my life. My intentions of the day have been the same since Jan 4th:

  1. Doing well in the lab and cracking science
  2. Having positive interactions with my work collegues.

If I achieve that every day, then I am happy!

I have been in pure alignment with my goals since the start of the year. Things can only go better!

Prioritising my wellbeing, mental, physical and spiritual is also on top of my list. Before Christmas, when they put Kent in tier 4 because of the new variant of coronavirus, I bought the Les Mills 3-month programme to exercise at home and get over the fact that I won’t see a gym floor for the forseeable future. I have been doing it for 5 weeks and I dropped a size of my labcoat from 108 to 100. Nor that it relevant but I take it as a sign that I am moving towards the right direction of achieving long-term healthy habits. On resting day, I do yoga and meditation and there’s nothing more resting and relaxing that focusing on your breathing for 30 min every day.

Weight loss should be the byproduct of your wellbeing journey, not the primary focus!

Reducing my screen time is another of my goals. I have been meaning to put my phone down and focusing more on physical and in-person interactions since last year. However, there was this little thing with covid going on and the whole world moved online so, here I am again! Nonetheless, I did try to substitute scrolling feeds, binging on Netflix and social media drama with reading, meditating and being more present for my family. I will video call my family in Italy once a week, visit a new place once a month and get involved in things that have nothing to do with science a lot more often. As a prove that I did left the sofa and visited new places, I post this picture of the white cliffs in between Kingsdown and Saint Margaret at Cliffe.

Finally, on the line of being at peace with myself and avoiding drama in my life, I decided to surround myself with inspirational people, those who are doing better than me and learn from them how to be the best version of myself. There’s really no space for losers and unsupporting friends and family in 2o21.

Small people talk about people, avarage people talk about events, great minds talk about ideas. E. Roosevelt.

To conclude, I have achieved a lot this month and I am satisfied with the progress I made and the direction I am heading to. I do feel like I am in pure alignment with my goals and myself, mostly because my mind is at peace, and things can only go better.

Ciao see you next month!

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