Coming out from lockdown – A new life in Kent

At the end of March, I was supposed to write a blog article about the progress I made that month. The appointment was cancelled because I had nothing to say. I wrote some statements on March 1st, then rewrote things on March 15th and realized that nothing happened. The fifth month in lockdown hasn’t been easy. I did make some goals for April, and I kept it simple because I just figured that existence is heavy enough so it isn’t realistic for me to put too much on my plate.

First of all, I decided to buy some running shoes. Finding a workout routine that actually worked for me was extremely difficult because I love spending time at the gym. It’s, or at least it was, my way out from life and a way to decompress and destress from the daily routine. Back in December, I bought a 3-month membership with Les Mills which finished at the end of March. The idea of resubscribing and spending more time in the house wasn’t exciting at all so I figured that I could have invested the same money in new running trainers. It was the best thing I could have done for myself. It reminded me how much I love running and the challenge of pushing my body to its limit. And honestly running on the seafront when you have the sea on one side and the sunshine on the other is absolutely fantastic. You just go and don’t even bother about all the pain in your legs!

Things with covid are getting a lot better here in the UK. The vaccine rollout worked extremely well and more than 50% of the adult population got its first doses of covid vaccine. I think the government had a clever idea of giving the first dose to as many people as possible and delay the second dose after 3 months since the first jab. Cases are low and most importantly hospitalisations are much lower than ever before. This Monday (Apr 12th) a lot of non-essential shops and hospitality venues will reopen for the first time since the start of 2021. FANTASTICO!!!

There is an endless list of things I want to do and items I delayed from buying because of lockdown and because what’s the point of buying things if there’s nowhere to go?? I literally cannot wait. I will also get a consistent bonus at work at the end of April and so it’s perfect timing to revise my shopping list

I am literally counting the minutes until I will look like myself again. I came to terms with the fact that my hair control itself and the shape of my eyebrows are basically non-existent. I know that this might sound like a first-world problem and there are more serious issues happening at the moment, but many of us had to keep pushing through and living despite the misery of the pandemic. I feel like I have been just existing and executing things for the last year. Waking up, going to work, cleaning the house, cooking and going back to bed. A lot of times, I feel like I am not actually living, but just an external observer of my own life. Being able to do things outside the house, looking good and attractive again will definitely help in regulating my mood and feeling like life is more than just paying rent, bills and doing grocery shopping!

At times, I feel like I am not actually living but just an observer of my own life!

I moved to Kent last March and I spent 8/12 months in lockdown. I was reflecting the other day that spending this time in a lovely flat with beach view was great but I grew tired of looking and doing the same things over and over again. There is a world and a life out there waiting for me to enjoy it and I am sick of just spending it on the sofa! I want to do and see new things and I cannot wait to make the most of it and use my weekends and after work time to go and see new places.

White cliffs in Ramsgate

On my list of place to visit:

Looking at the sunset by the beach in Whitstable by drinking wine and eating oysters. Whitstable is becoming a popular destination and the housing market skyrocketed there. With the pandemic and the need of having more indoor space, a lot of people left London and moved to the north coast of Kent. How to blame them? The scenery is fantastic. Would you trade the chaos of the city, for working by the beach eating oysters? Yes, I would right now! Differently from where I am located, the north coast of Kent is well-recognised for its stunning pink sunsets on the beach. So far, I have only looked at pictures of it and I can’t wait to make my own and spam all over my social media.

Visit Canterbury again. I actually only went there once last July and didn’t have the time to do anything. I want to visit the Cathedral and have a tour of the river Stour on a sort of Gondola. I would also like to move to Canterbury after the summer and I still have time to decide and see what’s the best option for me. Buying a house will be the next obvious step for me but it is a bit scary to make such big financial commitments in the middle of a global pandemic and economic crisis. Will see how things look like once life resumes and the economy reopens. Things will look a lot different not only because of the pandemic but I am curious to see the effect of Brexit and how things will evolve once everyone realises that the workforce from Europe is gone. A lot of people left the country because of covid and will never come back because of Brexit. I hope this will crash the housing market so my dream can take off. Sorry, not sorry!

As I said initially, I don’t want to put too much on my table and probably looking at the housing market will be my main focus in 2021, along with exploring beautiful Kent! Ciao

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