Welcome June – Living my dream life!

Usual appointment to check in with my goals at the end of every month and see how good/bad I did over the last 30 days. Although this wasn’t a great month and pretty much uneventful, besides the last week, I had a lot of mental shifts and changed my attitude towards my depression and how my life will look like going forward.

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How I stay organised and plan my days

Am I writing a blog article in the middle of the month? Yes I know it’s an absolute world record since the pandemic started. Over the last year, I barely had the time to survive and keep alive. I would like to go back to my old standard and blog every weekend but, at the moment, seems like a very challenging task with life just going back to normality, at least here in the UK, and the entire world recovering from post-traumatic distress from the pandemic.

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Welcome May and my brand new mindset

It’s that time of the month when I take a break to reflect and evaluate my progress. I am happy to say that April has been one of the most successful and productive months since March 2020. The end of lockdown, being able to do some normal activities, having hopes for the future and start making plans definitely boosted my mood. I was literally counting the minutes!

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