#SlowLivingForLife – June round-up

I can’t even begin to tell how eventful and unexpected this month has been! I set my usual monthly intentions at the end of May to give a structure and some purpose to this month. Nothing that happened since June 1st was predicted, I honestly thought it would end up like another month in lockdown sleeping or sitting on the sofa with nothing to do or look forward to!

You don’t always need a plan of action, at times it’s just fun to just embrace the journey!

The month started with my first dose of covid vaccine and a week on annual leave. I was seriously burned out. After working flat out through another lockdown and dragging myself to work through my depression, I did need a break. I went out and about, spending time sunbathing, keeping up with my tan, visiting all the castles and historic sites in this area and enjoying good food and wine. For the special occasion and after 8 months of wind and rain, the weather was glorious. It was a perfect way to celebrate the last week of my 30 years old time.

This birthday has felt a lot different from anyone I had before. I think it properly drew a line from anything that has been before. I have spoken a lot about my transition from student life to adult one which, luckily or not, also overlapped with BC and AC (before and after covid, lol). It took a long time, but I think this has finally happened. It’s been a gradual and steady process full of setbacks and depressive thoughts, missing the life I had before, feeling like a failure for so many silli reasons, but I feel like I am there mentally.

The biggest learning lesson of the transition was to find joy in the waiting, you don’t always need a plan of action, sometimes it’s just fun to just embrace the journey. There’s no such a thing as luck or quick success around here! Consistency is key and what you learn during the process is more important than the actual and final goal. This is very strange because this is the same learning lesson I got from my PhD. Research is a long-term endeavour and good data and results are the outcomes of years and years of work. But I never thought that the same would apply to my life. Turned out that even in my personal life the same is true. Transferrable skills anyone?

This concept of steady growth and progress, has become so important that even the idea of time has changed. Before (covid), my life was revolving around my job, everything was done to make my job the #1 priority. I still regard my job as an important part of my life but it isn’t the ultimate reason for my living. I wake up and start my morning routine by reading, journaling and doing yoga, then I get ready for work. Once I finish, I have time to focus on myself again by reading, crafting, exploring and visiting new places. I don’t do anything differently than before, it’s just the perception of and my mindset about it that change. It’s still out of my mind to think how so many people see their employment status as the ultimate goal of life, talk only about work and get upset for every single mistake they make.

No matter how much money you make, if you have a scarsity mindset, you will always be poor!

To conclude, on the same note of “good things take time”, after two years of work and feeling like quitting Instagram 10 times a day every day, Women Transforming Science (WTS) secured its first paid partnership. 3M, a research firm in the USA, launched a new movie, Not The Science Type, to promote diversity in science. You can watch the trailer by clicking the link below. WTS was born 2 years ago from an engagement pod I started to bring visibility to STEM influencers and beat the algorithm. It could have never ever imagined something like this would happen, but again, my dedication and consistent work paid off, literally this time.

See you at the end of June, I am not writing down any intentions for July, I keep my vision board open and I will take things as they come!

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