Escaping England: planning your Kent staycation

The government just announced that fully vaccinated folks no longer have to quarantine on their way back from holiday. I literally was counting the minutes to book my holiday to Italy and finally see my family after 16 months of pandemic. As many are planning to book their holiday abroad, there is a consistent number of people who don’t trust the government (how to blame them?) or feel uncomfortable with sharing enclosed spaces, public transport for example, with strangers. So, here I am attempting to give some travel recommendations for a staycation in Kent. I didn’t get paid for this article, all unpopular opinions and some pictures are my own. Thanks for keep reading.

I have been trying to venture into this new thing of being a lifestyle blogger by night and scientist by day. I am still unsure how to go about it but I guess I don’t have to have all figure it out right now. We live and we learn! My previous article on why you should come to Kent for an escape England experience is here. I would encourage anyone to go on holiday this year, even for a couple of days because the first 6 months of 2021 have been quite draining. Homeschooling, working business as usual through an entire lockdown, being constantly bombarded by negative news. I think everyone deserves a break from that and have some mental space to escape the negativity.

Many hospitality venues around this area require a minimum stay of 3 nights this period of the year. I guess they’re all trying to recover from the financial disaster of the past 16 months and get back into their feet this summer season. Although I haven’t personally stayed on these locations, I will list some places I would love to stay over if I was going to come down here for a few nights. There are different places according to one’s liking and budget .

I would encourage anyone to take a break this summer because pandemic has been mentally and emotionally draining!


The Lylliroos campsite in Deal is a fantastic place for all nature lovers and if you’re travelling on a budget. They offer space to camp with your own van or tend and a wide range of camping options if you don’t have your own equipment.

Kingsdown Camping is an alternative location if you just need camping space. The campsite is located on top of the white cliffs and, I mean, the view!!!!

If camping isn’t your thing, I have two more options. Angela’s guest suits in Margate is a cosy and beautifully furnished AirB&B with a beach view on Margate Harbour.

And finally, more suited for families/large groups or if you want our own independence, I suggest the Little Cottage in Deal. As Craig said, it’s just a step away from the local pub, Deal seafront and you get delivery from Deal Deli. What else?

Things to do

If you are a member of the English Heritage, you can really make the most of the membership by coming to this area. In the Thanet/Dover area, you can visit Deal, Dover and Walmer Castle within 10 min driving distance, Richbrough Roman Fort in Sandwich and Saint Augustine Abbey in Canterbury. Then, you can spend an entire day in Canterbury, seriously recommend going there by public transport or on Sundays when parking at both stations, Canterbury east and west is only 1£ for the whole day. This area is also well-known for stunning sandy beaches facing the white cliffs. Joss Bay, Viking Bay and Stone Bay are must-see visits even if you don’t like sunbathing.

Closer to London, in the Medway area, you can find equally fantastic locations and things to do. Included in the English Heritage membership, you can visit Rochester Castle, Charles Darwin house and Lullingstone Roman villa. Not included in the membership, but Scotney Castle is also a fairytale location and I wouldn’t miss the chance to get there if I was in that area.

Eating out to help out

Literally eating out(door) is quite a thing around here. There are plenty of picnic spots with great views around here. Castle view, beach view, cliffs view, lakeside view, along the river, watching the sunset and the pink sky, I mean what else? I am not a fan of picnics, mostly because having a picnic on my own isn’t fun, but they are a great alternative to go to restaurants if you are on a budget or have a full family to feed. My personal recommendation though, is fish and chips on the beach. I would eat fish and chips every day around this area because the fish is so fresh and soft that it’s hard to match with anything else!

Hope you enjoyed the travel recommendation and looking forward to your well deserved rest!

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