If you have a poverty mindset, you’ll always be poor!

One of my favourite quotes of all time is “No matter how much money you make, if you have a poverty mindset, you’ll always be poor!”. This is not actually me talking, there is actual research on that. I read a book called “The happiness hypothesis” many years ago when I was coming to realise my chronic depression. Money doesn’t buy happiness. I mean to some extend yes. Once you have your basic needs met, like enough to have a house, pay bills, food and live a comfortable life, other things come into play to “buy” happiness.

Of course, I can’t speak for everyone, I can only speak for myself and I am in love with my life. Not because I have more than others, if I am being honest I have about the same things or even less. I am happy because I live my life with intention and purpose, I have a vision and I work every single day towards achieving my goals. I have a rich and abundant life, not because of my pocket, I am rich in my mindset, relationships, boundaries and purpose! In fact, those who seem to have it all don’t have anything more than others. They are satisfied with their own life, appreciate what they have and are grateful for every single thing they possess either material or spiritual.

Your grass will never be green if you keep looking at your neighbor’s!

About 6 weeks ago, in July, I had another mental health relapse. I started seeing my life in a negative light, keep comparing myself to people on social media. Until I took a break from social media and realised that social media is just personal branding. People show what they want you to see and post things in line with their brand. Travelling people post about their travels, lifestyle bloggers post about their lifestyle, you name it. I mean, I am not a saint, I also post what people want to see and things in line with my brand.

My life isn’t on social media, I only post things in line with my brand!

Every influercer on the planet

Because at that point, I wasn’t feeling great, I decided to start August with a different mindset. It was really for me the time to move differently and open new doors. Coincidently, one of my favourite online platforms called “Stereotype Breakers” launched a new challenge about letting go of old beliefs that hinder progress. I joined in putting a real afford into changing habits, beliefs and behaviour. The summary of how taking part in the challenge helped me is summarised in my latest Instagram post.

Growth mindset

I would encourage anyone to make a life audit and see which bits of their life is worth letting go, rethinking or keeping. Write down a list of things that make you happy and do the things. Make space and find time for the activities that nourish you and enrich your life. My personal commitment of August was to stop scrolling feeds and make time for social interactions. I spent quality time with my family and friends, I went out without my phone for long walks and kept my phone in my bag when I was out with my friends and work colleagues. I committed to a yoga challenge and did yoga every day of August, read loads of books, picked sunflowers. It’s been glorious.

I am very excited for September, last year this time my mental health was so bad, I was sad because summer was about to finish, the prospectus of a new lockdown was dreadful and forgot to pay attention to the little things around me. I will decorate the house for fall, picking flowers, pumpkins and pine cones in the wood. And I will finally sign up at the gym after 1.5y of doing exercise in my lounge. Fantastico! Ciao

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