Dealing with my seasonal depression – bye bye summer

Summer in the UK has always been problematic for me and I finally got to realise that I have seasonal depression. It’s something new because I never had this problem in Italy. I’m not used to all the daylight we get here. From June to mid-August, Sun rises at 4am and doesn’t set until 10 o’clock at night. My circadian clock is totally disrupted and I feel sleep-deprived for the whole summer. Because I already have my own problems, lack of sleep doesn’t help and it triggers a whole pattern of high functional anxiety that I still struggle to deal with. Pictures on this article feature the fall blooming at Walmer castle. They are mine as well as all unpopular opinions!

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Why you should use social media for personal branding

I did it! I have been having this idea of teaching women how to use social media for personal branding for 2 years and I finally managed to find a way to execute it. On Oct 21st, I will host my own and first online event SOCIAL MEDIA FOR BRANDING on zoom. 6 pm GMT, 6£. I am beyond excited about it and I can’t wait to share my knowledge with people who have been supporting my journey for years! Pictures in this article feature Deal Castle. They are my own as well as all unpopular opinions. Enjoy reading.

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