Why you should use social media for personal branding

I did it! I have been having this idea of teaching women how to use social media for personal branding for 2 years and I finally managed to find a way to execute it. On Oct 21st, I will host my own and first online event SOCIAL MEDIA FOR BRANDING on zoom. 6 pm GMT, 6£. I am beyond excited about it and I can’t wait to share my knowledge with people who have been supporting my journey for years! Pictures in this article feature Deal Castle. They are my own as well as all unpopular opinions. Enjoy reading.

Stop playing small!

The Universe

My initial idea, in 2019 was to offer 1:1 training sessions, then I realised that my fees were too expensive. I did want to get paid fairly to share my knowledge but at the same time, I didn’t want only wealthy people to be able to afford it. I think the idea of having a group session with a limited number of attendees was the perfect solution to my problem. I made the event as accessible and inclusive as possible in terms of price, time and venue. Thanks to the internet for democratising knowledge and breaking all the invisible barriers.

Why should I bother?

Deal Castle

Definitely not because it’s popular or trendy and everyone is doing it. I am sure I proved myself better than doing things to impress people or getting external validation. I do believe that in the digital age, it’s kind of making sense to have a digital identity. Not to post pictures of your nights out or being involved in drama. You can construct your digital avatar to explore opportunities you wouldn’t get by hanging around your circle of friends, work colleagues and relatives.

Personal branding is the new CV

I have been hearing things link “if you don’t have LinkedIn, you don’t exist in the job market” or “I got a job because of a post on Twitter” since 2018. I myself found my job because I was contacted by a recruiter on LinkedIn. Outside the opportunities and the visibility, the modern job market is a lot different than it was for our parents. People and companies don’t want just workforce. We spend 60% of our time and most part of our adult life at the workplace. Maybe things changed with the pandemic and remote work is the new normal but, still, you are required to interact with work associates on a daily basis. Things like a good fit for the culture of the company, fit the dynamics of the place and all sorts of interpersonal skills are important. An employer can figure out one’s personality and decide whether they want a candidate or not.

I am not shrinking a part of me to fit a job! Never!

My own

I want to clarify that this is good, extremely good! Being happy at work, having a good work-life balance, diversity and inclusion, having an identity outside your job are important. So, if a company does not respect your boundaries, trust me that you wouldn’t want to work there. Based on my personal experience, I decided to mention my blog and Instagram pages on my CV. This is part of me, what I post is who I am. Of course, during many job interviews, people referred to it in a negative connotation and, at that point, it became clear to me that I didn’t want to work in that company. I am not shrinking a part of me because dinosaurs believe that posting on social media is bad. It’s the future of the world!

Instagram and tiktok are the future of advertisement

I think it’s fair to say that traditional advertisement is dead, who still watches TV, listens to the radio or buys magazines? Not me. I think it’s fair to say that all the marketing and advertisement is on Instagram and Tiktok. When a brand wants to promote a new product, they ask an influencer with that number of followers to promote it so that all people who do as the influencer says will buy the product. Why? Because this is what people do! Back in the days, you bought the car because that friend of mine bought the same years ago, now you buy what your virtual “friend” recommends. I’m not going into the details of the emotional interaction between influencer and followers because this isn’t the place to do it but it’s a real thing and brands exploit it!

Also, there is a guy on the internet that it’s into photography and posts all about photography and cameras. He has a targeted and engaged audience that likes all things photography. It makes sense for a brand to work with this guy on promoting a new editing software because he has the audience and people like this dude because this is why they follow. A while back, I decided to be the guy who sells things because being paid the big bucks to post a pic or a video on Instagram seems the smartest thing of the world. And I am sure we can all agree on that!

Of course, this article won’t cover all reasons why you should get started like boosting your career opportunities by using LinkedIn and monetising your hobbies. There’s a lot more that can be explored and ventured. In my online workshop, I will share my secrets and how I became a monetised influencer by selling merchandise and closing brand deals. Don’t forget to sign up. Link here.

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