How much busy is too much? October round up!

I promise my initial idea for Q4 was to just chill and slow down in preparation for the end of the year. That was the plan but my anxiety did not agree and I’ve done more this month that I could have ever planned, envisaged, predicted, dreamt, whatever…

Making plans

October started with an overwhelming sense of anxiety. If you haven’t heard from the news, the UK isn’t doing very well due to Brexit. I don’t mean to talk politics but the combined effect of the covid pandemic and post-Brexit charade became evident in the past weeks. We had fuel shortage with people hoarding petrol for weeks. I think, we all experienced this overwhelming sense of anxiety due to panic buying in March 2020 when people would pay gold for yeast and toilet rolls. Well imagine the same madness but due to the inability to travel because petrol was little.  

In the middle of my worst anxiety, I started another project and I was victorious!


As much as I tried to stay positive, commuting by train when necessary, sharing cars and limiting the use of the car to essential trips, it was very hard not to get affected by the news or the long queues of cars at petrol stations. Madness finished but my anxiety kept going. Then, as it has always happened and always will, in the middle of my worst anxiety, I start the fireworks. This mean I start running 100 km/h to keep busy and stop thinking of myself as a pile of trash 5 times a day every day. Terrible, I know!

Autumnal display at Walmer Castle

The success list of the month is a long one. I have mixed feelings about it though. And I promise, I’m not 100% happy about it. Why? Because I still have a lot of sleep to catch up with and I am slowly recovering from a major burnout. However, between feeling trash and overachieving, I’d rather get going and do stuff. Firstly, I killed it at work. Things are going extremely well, and if you’re wondering whether I put the same effort I do on social media in the lab, the answer is yes. Even if I don’t show it. I don’t think you need to show anything on social media to prove your value. Never compare your average days to someone else’s curated feeds is always a valid reminder. I delivered a new target after months and months of being stuck with science. Plus, I finalised the science for 2 more targets, the research stage of the projects is over. I just have to execute the job for the next few weeks and I am done. Yoohoo

I have been a busy bee on social media too. I have been trying to construct and create my brand since I finished my PhD. My social media profile started as a science communication profile but graduating from my PhD and the entire pandemic changed me profoundly. I have documented this struggle all along and you can read old posts to learn more. Long story short, I found my own voice and niche. I recently launched my own workshop “Branding for scientists” the first of a long series, stay tuned. I had so much fun running it and the feedback from the attendees was so overwhelmingly positive that I decided to do it again. Don’t miss the chance and sign up to the next one!

Sharing my knowledge and experience while empowering women to make money is the most rewarding and humbling experience.


Coincidently, I launched my first collection of merchandise for WomenTransformingScience. I say coincidently because the opportunity with Bonfire came along last summer. I have been working on the design of the T-shirts going back and forth for months before we reached an agreement and I was satisfied with the creation. The campaign isn’t going as well as I expected but I’m not concerned about this, at all! The creations are out there and I will relaunch them in the future as a campaign or as a permanent shop. If you are interested in purchasing the products, here the links to buy Chemistry t-shirt and STEM t-shirt (see design below

Finally, there’s still more to say? Yes, I said it’s been a long month, I found a personal trainer. Nor that I was looking for one, he just pitched his services to me, and I agreed. I think pandemic exasperated a lot of old habits especially binge eating. I tend to use food as a coping strategy to ease my anxiety and calm down my depressive thoughts. I know exactly which food to eat and how much, it’s just hard to deal with everything on my own. So, having an accountability buddy will hopefully help! You all, see you next month. Goodbye

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