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Long time, no see! I’ve been on holiday since December 10th spending time with my family, in nature and cooking all day every day. A dream. I haven’t seen my family for 2 years due to covid restrictions and it was good to celebrate all the achievements of the endless pandemic with them! Loads of people I know tested positive due to new omicron variant of coronavirus, so I didn’t do much of mundane life. My initial idea was to celebrate new year in England watching fireworks and partying on the beach. Sadly, this won’t happen this year either so I decided to extend my holiday in Italy and spend a few more days with family.

View on lake Cecita

As the end of the year was approaching, I started making my vision boards for 2022. I hate the idea of new year resolutions and the whole narrative of the “new year, new me” because it’s just a lot of blanket statements with no meaning of whatsoever. I’ve been preaching the idea of making monthly goals and assessing/evaluating progress since 2019 and I can’t recommend it enough. It worked brilliantly in 2019 and 2021 for me as I smashed all my personal and professional goals. I put plans and resolutions on hold in 2020 because we all know what happened.

Covid free space

Goals, new year resolutions and all sort of listicles are useless unless you come up with a plan of action. Writing down “buying a new car” means nothing if you don’t start making consistent actions towards saving money on a monthly basis, for example. Learning something new, a reading goal automatically means setting time every day/week to dedicate to the new task. I can keep ongoing endlessly but I’m sure I made myself clear.

A resolution is a blanket statement without a plan of action!

My own

Recently, I listened to a podcast episode from Masha at stereotypes breakers which was enlightening. She reframed the whole idea of goal setting from achieving something to how you would like to feel personally or professionally. For example, “I want a promotion” can be reframed as I want my work colleagues to see me as a leader or respect me for my knowledge and skills. We live life based on instant gratification and showing off on Instagram constantly looking for external validation, so I thought that reframing goals on being content and having a sense of personal and professional satisfaction was great.

All I want for Christmas is…. being content with all I have!

My own

Moving on to the crap of new year new me. First of all, this comes from a place of self-loathing and pleasing others rather than yourself. January is the time when we are bombarded with diet culture, cracking every day at the gym, buying the new car, renovating the house, “is this the year you’re getting married? Having your first kid?”. What a nightmare! We are forced into the belief that there’s something inherently wrong about ourselves and we must change at all costs. The good news is that this is part of the consumerist and capitalistic society we live in where material things endorse your status and you should fit into a non-realistic model of perfection. Chances are you’re doing just fine and there’s nothing wrong with who you are and what you have. Facts!

The new year, new me narrative comes from a place of self-loathing and constantly seeking external validation!

My own

With this being said, it’s okay if new year and the holiday break give you space and time to reflect on aspects of your life you want to change or improve. It’s okay to be willing to be more present with love ones and having more meaningful relationships, getting mentally and physically healthier or more financially conscious, for example. But as I said previously, this requires a plan of action and most importantly consistency. Change requires time, commitment and motivation, it’s not like you will deal with your inner trauma with a single therapy session or build muscle strength with a gym ssession. It ain’t work like that!

Enough of lecturing, I’ll keep you posted with my new vision boards. And remember that you don’t need to wait until December 31st to start a new plan. Any day, any month, Monday, Friday, Thursday are good enough days to start a new task. Happy new year! All pictures and #unpopularopinions are my own, goodbye!

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