Travelling covid-free! A guide by a scientist

I’ve been neglecting the travelling side of my website too much. I was going out and about the whole summer visiting new places, all castles and historic sites included in the English Heritage membership and this gave me motivation to share my adventures. But since fall started, I totally gave up, not for lack of interest or motivation. Life changed quite a bit! (Some useful links are at the end of the article).

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New year, new anxiety to succeed!

Yoohoo! This is the first post of 2022, the first of a long series. I’m so excited for this new year and I feel very much rejuvenated and renewed after 3 weeks spent in Italy, the longest break I had since Jan 2020. I started my employment in March 2020 when we all know what happened and the rest made history. All pictures are sunrise shot I took from my flat, they are all mine as well as all unpopular opinions!

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