Protecting your mental health during global crises!

Well, 2020 started with a global pandemic, 2021 felt like season 2 of covid and 2022 started with a massive global inflation and a war initiated by the ego of a single white, old man, a well-known bully and his desire to own an extra piece of land! I think this is a lot for anyone to take in and it does feel like a struggle to keep going business as usual when there’s so much uncertainty in the world!

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Navigating my depression – being honest with my own feelings!

When is it the right time to talk about this? On mental health day? Mental health awareness week? The 22th of August or 16th of October? For people like me living with depression, it’s mental health day every day! It’s something I will have to deal with every day the whole day. It’s not branding or marketing, it’s my every day reality. So every few months, I come here to check in with myself and give voice to my feelings because it helps me navigating my own struggle.

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Asking for what you deserve – salary negotiation!

This week leads to the International day of women and girls in science, we’re in the year of the Lord 2022, the world just been turned upside down by a global pandemic and guess what? Women (and other traditionally not represented groups of people) are still paid less than men to do the same job! Let’s celebrate!

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Where’s all the emptiness coming from?

I haven’t posted anything at the end of January and I missed my usual appointment with checking in with my goals. I didn’t have anything to say or write as January has been a lot of ups and downs. I had positive moments. And it’s been an alternation of times when I was like “I’m living my best life” one day and what the heck I’m doing with my life the moment after!

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