Protecting your mental health during global crises!

Well, 2020 started with a global pandemic, 2021 felt like season 2 of covid and 2022 started with a massive global inflation and a war initiated by the ego of a single white, old man, a well-known bully and his desire to own an extra piece of land! I think this is a lot for anyone to take in and it does feel like a struggle to keep going business as usual when there’s so much uncertainty in the world!

As much as it isn’t easy to separate yourself from the news, it’s important to honour and protect your emotional safety. Because we live in a capitalistic world created by a bunch of white men, we all well aware that “business as usual” will be the way forward even in the middle of a global crisis. We know that the current global agenda is money >> people and emotional wellbeing. It has happened at the start of the pandemic when everyone was asked to keep working as nothing was going on, it happened with the dead of George Floyd and the global protests against racism, it has happened during the Palestinian conflict, the Taliban coup in Afghanistan, I mean it’s just naive to think that this time will be any different!

You’re expected to act “business as usual” in the middle of a global crisis, so taking care of your mental wellbeing is important!


By no means I’m saying this is right, by no means I endorse this way of acting or thinking. But, I’m realistic too and I know that there’s still work to do, bills to pay tomorrow morning. I need to be enough for myself and making sure that my mental health is okay is important to me! I would encourage all of you to check in with yourself and see whether you have the emotional stability and strength to fight against global bullies!

I’m standing with Ukraine, talk about it, look at the news, do my own research because I can sustain it mentally and emotionally!

Because my cup is full, I have the mental strength to stand up with Ukrain and do it meaningfully. I’m not providing blanket statements, taking a stand for branding. This is no who I am. This attack isn’t an attack against Ukraine only. I believe that the stability of the western countries is compromised. Because history repeats itself, what Putin is doing looks a lot like what Hitler did last century. Everyone is affected, everyone is compromised!

Why you should care about Ukraine

With this being said, I want also to make it clear that taking the time and space to protect your mental wellbeing is important. It’s okay if you want to enjoy the sunshine, spend time with friends and family, find peace and fulfillment in everyday activities. I encourage all of you not to be guilty about finding joy, it does not mean that you don’t care, AT ALL! I’m aware that setting boundaries with world events puts you in a position of privilege. I know that this post my be interpreted the wrong way because I’m not directly involved and my family, myself or people I know aren’t fleeing their own country to escape war. But as a citizen with no power, there’s only that much I can do other than using my voice and the influential platforms I have to stand up and support human rights!

You all take care!

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