New year, who this?

As a tradition for my website, I will be adding a new blog article with the intention of next year. To be fair, I gave up on writing new year resolutions because my life has been a fragmented journey for the past 4 years. The recurring pattern was to set my best intentions, then life happens (shit hit the fan more likely) and all my good intentions flush down the toilet.

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Nothing in life should be taken for granted

On Christmas day of 2022, I got inspiration to write up this blog post. I started my new role in May and used all my annual leaves to visit my family last summer. I had no days off left, so I had to work until the 23rd and decided to spend Christmas in Cardiff. Nor that I complain about it. It’s been beautiful to spend time in this city I came to call home, reconnecting with myself and taking care of my mental health.

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Piecing together the fragments of my life…

As this year is approaching an end, I started reflecting on the progress I made since January last year. It’s been 12 long months of learning, exposing myself outside my comfort zone and evolving into a new version of myself. My old blog article about growing means being uncomfortable can be found here

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