PoC in STEM – Ebony in the Ivory Tower

Science has been and, sadly continues to be, grossly racist and discriminatory. It might seem a long distant past where black bodies were inappropriately used for science, see the story of Henrietta Lacks for example. Unfortunately, some well-known and influential individuals in the science arena continues to feed the narrative of differences between races,  despite the American Society of Human Genetics states that any attempt to use genetics as scientific evidence and set differences between races shows a profound misunderstanding of the discipline.

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International Women and Girls day in science?

Today, it’s international day of women and girls in science. Let’s celebrate! I feel like this is the first year I want to express my honest opinion on the landscape present and future of women in science. I hear and have been hearing loads blanket statements around the topic and I have always hidden my opinion. After many years supporting women in science, managing a social media page that uplifts and amplifies the voice of women and girls who struggle to exist in science, and least but not last, being a woman with a disability in science (and life) myself, I decided to come forward with my usual unpopular opinions. DISCLAIMER: this post is based on my views, it isn’t an attack to anyone. Everyone has the right to express themselves freely and this is a space I created to share my own views. If you aren’t interested, please, feel free to disagree respectful and if not, just move on and peace out!

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