Dealing with my seasonal depression – bye bye summer

Summer in the UK has always been problematic for me and I finally got to realise that I have seasonal depression. It’s something new because I never had this problem in Italy. I’m not used to all the daylight we get here. From June to mid-August, Sun rises at 4am and doesn’t set until 10 o’clock at night. My circadian clock is totally disrupted and I feel sleep-deprived for the whole summer. Because I already have my own problems, lack of sleep doesn’t help and it triggers a whole pattern of high functional anxiety that I still struggle to deal with. Pictures on this article feature the fall blooming at Walmer castle. They are mine as well as all unpopular opinions!

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Why you should use social media for personal branding

I did it! I have been having this idea of teaching women how to use social media for personal branding for 2 years and I finally managed to find a way to execute it. On Oct 21st, I will host my own and first online event SOCIAL MEDIA FOR BRANDING on zoom. 6 pm GMT, 6£. I am beyond excited about it and I can’t wait to share my knowledge with people who have been supporting my journey for years! Pictures in this article feature Deal Castle. They are my own as well as all unpopular opinions. Enjoy reading.

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If you have a poverty mindset, you’ll always be poor!

One of my favourite quotes of all time is “No matter how much money you make, if you have a poverty mindset, you’ll always be poor!”. This is not actually me talking, there is actual research on that. I read a book called “The happiness hypothesis” many years ago when I was coming to realise my chronic depression. Money doesn’t buy happiness. I mean to some extend yes. Once you have your basic needs met, like enough to have a house, pay bills, food and live a comfortable life, other things come into play to “buy” happiness.

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Do you remember when you wanted what you currently have?

Almost at the end of my second summer holiday, another staycation here in Kent. The grand finale will be in Italy at the end of the summer, in September. Yeah because summer ends on Sep 23rd, not Aug 15th! Just saying. I had great plans in mind for this holiday, visit this insta popular location, a new castle, filling all days every day with activities for the fear of missing out, until I realised that I was burned out. Then, bye bye fitting someone else’s idea of fun, I just decided to stay local, doing things within walking distance from the house and my workplace. All pictures in the article were taken in Sandwich, Kent.

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Laziness does not exist!

Another article on my blog a week apart from the last one? Unbelieveable, I am on holiday, this is why I’ve got the time for writing. I love this blog so much because it’s part of me, an extension of my life that helps to fulfil my purpose of elevating others. So, I do miss writing regularly but I have to be mindful of my energy and time! Sorry, not sorry! All right, let’s get started. Laziness does not exist by Dr Devon Prince is the title of a book I started reading a few days ago. I got immediately caught up!

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A dream day in London!

Yesterday, to conclude the first semester of 2021, I decided to go to one of my fave places in the world: central London. I used to go to the city every couple of months but I reduced the frequency due to covid restrictions. To read about my last trip to London last year, please check here. I literally haven’t left Kent in the last year and I did feel like I needed a change of scene. I waited until my second dose of vaccine to start traveling again and decided to start the adventure from London.

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Plastic-free July – July round up!

This is my usual appointment to try to keep consistent with my blogging and commit to writing at least once a month to check up on myself and see how good/bad I did over the month that has just gone. To check up the June update check here. I would strongly recommend this activity because it’s important to be your best cheerledeer and accountability buddy. As queen of investment Tori Dunlap said “A lot of people think that selfcare is bubble baths and a glass of wine but if you don’t deal with the hard questions in your life, you’ll always be unhealthy!”.

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Should I start a PhD programme?

This is another long overdue blog article inspired by my followers who keep asking if it’s worth or wise to start a PhD programme. First of all, I want to say that I don’t have the answer for everyone. I don’t know your particular circumstances, your financial or personal situations, so don’t take my advice as gold. I can only speak based on my own experience and those of people I know.

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Escaping England: planning your Kent staycation

The government just announced that fully vaccinated folks no longer have to quarantine on their way back from holiday. I literally was counting the minutes to book my holiday to Italy and finally see my family after 16 months of pandemic. As many are planning to book their holiday abroad, there is a consistent number of people who don’t trust the government (how to blame them?) or feel uncomfortable with sharing enclosed spaces, public transport for example, with strangers. So, here I am attempting to give some travel recommendations for a staycation in Kent. I didn’t get paid for this article, all unpopular opinions and some pictures are my own. Thanks for keep reading.

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Staycation in Kent – An escape England experience!

This is my first attempt to put together a blog article with travel recommendations for a staycation in Kent. I will also try to convince you with my unpopular opinion on why Kent is a lot better staycation than driving 8+ hours to Cornwall and basically do and see the same things! DISCLAIMER: I am not a travel blogger, all pictures and views are my own!

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