How to organise an effective OutReach event

As part of my PhD programme, I have to take part in, at least, one OutReach event every year. We get paid to do that! How cool is it? Science communication is something I discovered during my PhD and I really recommend it to everyone who’s training to become a scientist. It really gives an additional value to any PhD. I am really super busy trying to get my stuff done in the lab, but I didn’t get to do any OutReach event signed in this year, so I decided to volunteer for the Festival of Science and Curiosity held in Nottingham Central Library on Feb the 16th.

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Sustainability through Green Chemistry

Last year I applied for and successfully won a scholarship to attend the first IUPAC Postgraduate Summer School n Green Chemistry. (1) The event was held in Venice from the 11th to the 18th of July. It was an incredible experience that allowed me to learn more about sustainability, green innovation, monetise your scientific breakthrough and networking from people from everywhere in the world. In fact, I was pleasingly surprised to see so much diversity, every continent was represented, and loads of loads of students with the common goal of changing and challenging the current state of things.

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San Valentine’s Day: Chemistry of Love and Beyond

Today, I woke up and felt happy. This is a strange feeling as I spent most of my San Valentine’s days alone ruminating why everyone was off celebrating and I was home on my own. I guess all the meditation and several boxes of antidepressants are really helping in keeping my emotions under control. Considering the unusual and strange feeling I decided to dress up and come to lab this morning because you really don’t need a partner to celebrate love.

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LGBT History Month: Celebrating Pride in STEM

The LGBT month was instituted to increasing visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (“LGBT”) people in every layer of society. It’s a celebration of their history, lives and experiences. The aim is to raise awareness and advance education on matters affecting the LGBT community creating safe spaces for all LGBTQ+ communities. One wanted to promote the welfare of LGBTQ+ people, by ensuring that the education system recognises and enables LGBT+ people to achieve their full potential, so they contribute fully to society and lead fulfilled lives, thus benefiting society as a whole”. Source

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Is education for and accessible to everyone?

To celebrate the Internation Day of Women and Girls in science I decided to put together this blog article which is a summary of previous posts I have already done on Instagram. The United Nations instituted the 11th of February as a day to celebrate women in science and showcase diversity in the STEM landscape. We are very far off from getting gender equality. Society, financial and academic biases are one of the major deterrent from girls to enter the STEM world. For the research that show how women have been mistreted by science and society over the centuries check Inferior by Angela Saini.

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From PhD to self-employed science editor: Isabel Torres

Isabel Torres got her PhD in biology at the University of Cambridge and a postdoc at the MRC Laboratories of Molecular Biology in Cambridge. She has four kids and had her first pregnancy while doing her PhD. After her postdoc, she decided to leave academia to make her own things. Her transition from academia to industry wasn’t easy but she made it a wonderful career anyway. She works as a self-employed science editor and freelance science writer. You can find Isabel on Instagram and Twitter. She just launched her blog to support women and especially mamas in science, make science more accessible and address the problem of fake news.

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Top 9 Women-Led SciComm Blogs!

Last year, to celebrate the International day of women and girl in science my friend Agata published a blog article with her 9 favourite women-led scicomm blogs. Check it out. I had the pleasure to meet some of these women over the year as well as building strong connections with them. Thanks Agata

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Be a Scientist - by Agata

11th of February is The International Day of Women and Girls in Science!!!

It is a very special day of the year celebrating Women who dedicated their lives, time, passions or hobbies into Science! Historically, without many many many intelligent Women our mankind wouldn’t be the same as it is now! Nowadays, many Women in science decided to share their passion to a wider audience by science communication. They do a wonderful job, and today, this post is going to be about them!

I would like to spread the word about 9 fantastic Ladies and their work on science communication blogs! These Women post scientific cool facts, shares PhD experiences and life-balance tips for you!

I hope you will find your new favourite blog in this article! Additionally, you can find here info to these Ladies’ social media like Instagram, Tweeter, YouTube or Facebook, so you can follow them and see…

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The Mindful Way Through Depression

This article was originally published on the website PhD Depression and can be found here.

Meditation and mindfulness are buzzwords nowadays. Be in the moment, stay in the moment, be present, wasn’t I present enough before? As far as I remember, I have been suffering from depression. It didn’t start with my PhD. Graduate school made it worst. At the end of my second year, summer 2017, I reached one of my lowest points. I failed my annual review exam, I was breaking up from a difficult and toxic relationship, I had to move out of my old house and move to another lab. The situation was really bad and I was seriously thinking of dropping out of the programme. Despite the anxiety, I was wise enough to reach out to the counselling service at the University and took a break to visit my family in Italy.

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PhD check-up: 9 months to go!

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I woke up this morning with a to-do list as my first thought. Since I started this PhD, I feel that I am always behind everything. This is not the person I used to be. I used to be punctual, finishing tasks well before the deadlines etc. As I was getting busier and busier and couldn’t manage things anymore, my time management skills needed to step up. I am better at making plans now and, honestly, writing down stuff really helps in keeping track.

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Stay away from toxic people/environment

This was originally an Instagram post which I converted in a blog article because I hear too many nasty stuff about people being open about sexual harassment and mental health in academia. These are real problems and covering them up by pretending they don’t exist, we won’t solve anything. Much more painful is to hear that we will have troubles getting a job because of it.

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