Travelling covid-free! A guide by a scientist

I’ve been neglecting the travelling side of my website too much. I was going out and about the whole summer visiting new places, all castles and historic sites included in the English Heritage membership and this gave me motivation to share my adventures. But since fall started, I totally gave up, not for lack of interest or motivation. Life changed quite a bit! (Some useful links are at the end of the article).

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New year, new anxiety to succeed!

Yoohoo! This is the first post of 2022, the first of a long series. I’m so excited for this new year and I feel very much rejuvenated and renewed after 3 weeks spent in Italy, the longest break I had since Jan 2020. I started my employment in March 2020 when we all know what happened and the rest made history. All pictures are sunrise shot I took from my flat, they are all mine as well as all unpopular opinions!

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New year, New me? Unsubscribe from the BS

Long time, no see! I’ve been on holiday since December 10th spending time with my family, in nature and cooking all day every day. A dream. I haven’t seen my family for 2 years due to covid restrictions and it was good to celebrate all the achievements of the endless pandemic with them! Loads of people I know tested positive due to new omicron variant of coronavirus, so I didn’t do much of mundane life. My initial idea was to celebrate new year in England watching fireworks and partying on the beach. Sadly, this won’t happen this year either so I decided to extend my holiday in Italy and spend a few more days with family.

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Holiday gifts – a guide to conscious shopping

Jumping on the bandwagon of the Holiday gift guide, I want to give my contribution this year. I’ve already expressed by frustration with consumerism, so don’t expect sensational gift ideas here. This is more of a guide for conscious and meaningful shopping. To know more about conscious shopping please check one of my old articles. This guide DOES NOT contain affiliate link, all views, photos, and unpopular opinions are my own.

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I made it through the past 12 months!

Absolutely nobody: “I can’t believe it’s the end of the year! Where is time gone?”

Me: “I do, I worked more hours than I wanted to, missed night sleep, cried, picked my own tears, bought more boxes of antidepressants than ever before! 2021 felt like 5 years long!” The featured image was kindly provided by English Heritage, then all photos and unpopular opinions are my own!

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2021 in books – November round up

As the end of the year is approaching, I started the process of reflecting what 2021 meant to me. A proper and throughout blog article will come in mid December. However, I have so much to tell that I decided to post a series of articles to reflect on different aspects of my life, professional and personal growth. DISCLAIMER: The article does not contain affiliated links, photos, views and unpopular opinions are my own!

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Running a promotional campaign – what a learning experience!

Last summer a brand, Bonfire, got in touch with me proposing a collaboration to sell merchandise. I did sell merchandise before on my Instagram page. It was the last stage of my PhD and I had broken up with my boyfriend at the time, so I decided to start crocheting and selling my creations. It was a hard job and at some point, I just gave up because it was too much for me to deal with on my own!

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Dealing with my seasonal depression – bye bye summer

Summer in the UK has always been problematic for me and I finally got to realise that I have seasonal depression. It’s something new because I never had this problem in Italy. I’m not used to all the daylight we get here. From June to mid-August, Sun rises at 4am and doesn’t set until 10 o’clock at night. My circadian clock is totally disrupted and I feel sleep-deprived for the whole summer. Because I already have my own problems, lack of sleep doesn’t help and it triggers a whole pattern of high functional anxiety that I still struggle to deal with. Pictures on this article feature the fall blooming at Walmer castle. They are mine as well as all unpopular opinions!

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Why you should use social media for personal branding

I did it! I have been having this idea of teaching women how to use social media for personal branding for 2 years and I finally managed to find a way to execute it. On Oct 21st, I will host my own and first online event SOCIAL MEDIA FOR BRANDING on zoom. 6 pm GMT, 6£. I am beyond excited about it and I can’t wait to share my knowledge with people who have been supporting my journey for years! Pictures in this article feature Deal Castle. They are my own as well as all unpopular opinions. Enjoy reading.

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