On the importance of self awareness

Happy 2023 everyone! I hope you won’t get trapped into the deceiving business of “new year new me” narrative, setting unrealistic goals with weight loss and killing at the gym every day, reading 100 books or working unsocial hours to get promoted. I’m back with another of my unsolicited opinion posts (which will be more frequent going forward, stay tuned) on self awareness or awareness in general. DISCLAIMER: This is an opinion article, it’s based on my personal experience. Feel free to disagree but please, don’t take it personally as it IS NOT a personal attack on anyone. Everyone has personal circumstances and come from different life situations. I also have mine and this is a space I created to share it. Enjoy reading

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New year, who this?

As a tradition for my website, I will be adding a new blog article with the intention of next year. To be fair, I gave up on writing new year resolutions because my life has been a fragmented journey for the past 4 years. The recurring pattern was to set my best intentions, then life happens (shit hit the fan more likely) and all my good intentions flush down the toilet.

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Nothing in life should be taken for granted

On Christmas day of 2022, I got inspiration to write up this blog post. I started my new role in May and used all my annual leaves to visit my family last summer. I had no days off left, so I had to work until the 23rd and decided to spend Christmas in Cardiff. Nor that I complain about it. It’s been beautiful to spend time in this city I came to call home, reconnecting with myself and taking care of my mental health.

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Piecing together the fragments of my life…

As this year is approaching an end, I started reflecting on the progress I made since January last year. It’s been 12 long months of learning, exposing myself outside my comfort zone and evolving into a new version of myself. My old blog article about growing means being uncomfortable can be found here

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Does my voice still matter?

I’ve been 7 years in the UK today. I left Italy on a Ryanair flight Rome-Nottingham with a hand luggage only when I was 25 and I never looked back. I didn’t know what to expect, I was young and needed a change. After 4.5 years of PhD, 1.5 years of covid, relocating twice, 4 years of antidepressants, I’m here today enjoying my life after pushing through my depression. It feels surreal.

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Happiness is your responsability!

A friend of mine told me this exact words last year “When you have a certain level of privilege (which we all do in western countries) happiness is your responsibility!” And she was right! I took charge of my happiness last winter when I decided to move to Cardiff. It was a leap of faith to relocate and work in a place where I never set foot before, but I’ve lived more of my life in the past 4 weeks than the last 2 years

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Change is scary but necessary

Today for the first time in 2 weeks, I actually realised I’m going to finish my current contract of employment in 2 weeks and start a new job in 6. It was a conscious and willing decision. I wanted the change, I needed it. So, rationally, I’m 100% convinced that I made the right decision, but emotionally, I’m coming to terms that, once again in my life, I have to put all my life in a bunch of boxes and start everything from scratch again.

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2 year anniversary of living my best life!

I can’t believe it’s been 2 years already. Little did I know 2 years ago that life would turn out a million times better than any expectations. I promise it hasn’t been easy but when I moved down to Kent to start my industry job I had a clear vision for myself: doing my absolute best and trying to be better than the day before every single day. I didn’t have any metric, I just wanted to feel like I was achieving something every single day.

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Travelling covid-free! A guide by a scientist

I’ve been neglecting the travelling side of my website too much. I was going out and about the whole summer visiting new places, all castles and historic sites included in the English Heritage membership and this gave me motivation to share my adventures. But since fall started, I totally gave up, not for lack of interest or motivation. Life changed quite a bit! (Some useful links are at the end of the article).

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