Plastic-free July – July round up!

This is my usual appointment to try to keep consistent with my blogging and commit to writing at least once a month to check up on myself and see how good/bad I did over the month that has just gone. To check up the June update check here. I would strongly recommend this activity because it’s important to be your best cheerledeer and accountability buddy. As queen of investment Tori Dunlap said “A lot of people think that selfcare is bubble baths and a glass of wine but if you don’t deal with the hard questions in your life, you’ll always be unhealthy!”.

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Escaping England: planning your Kent staycation

The government just announced that fully vaccinated folks no longer have to quarantine on their way back from holiday. I literally was counting the minutes to book my holiday to Italy and finally see my family after 16 months of pandemic. As many are planning to book their holiday abroad, there is a consistent number of people who don’t trust the government (how to blame them?) or feel uncomfortable with sharing enclosed spaces, public transport for example, with strangers. So, here I am attempting to give some travel recommendations for a staycation in Kent. I didn’t get paid for this article, all unpopular opinions and some pictures are my own. Thanks for keep reading.

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Staycation in Kent – An escape England experience!

This is my first attempt to put together a blog article with travel recommendations for a staycation in Kent. I will also try to convince you with my unpopular opinion on why Kent is a lot better staycation than driving 8+ hours to Cornwall and basically do and see the same things! DISCLAIMER: I am not a travel blogger, all pictures and views are my own!

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#SlowLivingForLife – June round-up

I can’t even begin to tell how eventful and unexpected this month has been! I set my usual monthly intentions at the end of May to give a structure and some purpose to this month. Nothing that happened since June 1st was predicted, I honestly thought it would end up like another month in lockdown sleeping or sitting on the sofa with nothing to do or look forward to!

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31 and still counting – happy birthday to me!

Today, Jun 6th marks the end of my glorious holiday! If you read my latest blog article, you would know that May hasn’t been a great month, not physically nor mentally. I was in so much need of a holiday and take a break from a dreadful winter spent half on the sofa because of lockdown and the other half in bed because of my mental health.

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How I stay organised and plan my days

Am I writing a blog article in the middle of the month? Yes I know it’s an absolute world record since the pandemic started. Over the last year, I barely had the time to survive and keep alive. I would like to go back to my old standard and blog every weekend but, at the moment, seems like a very challenging task with life just going back to normality, at least here in the UK, and the entire world recovering from post-traumatic distress from the pandemic.

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Welcome May and my brand new mindset

It’s that time of the month when I take a break to reflect and evaluate my progress. I am happy to say that April has been one of the most successful and productive months since March 2020. The end of lockdown, being able to do some normal activities, having hopes for the future and start making plans definitely boosted my mood. I was literally counting the minutes!

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One year anniversary of living my best life

This March is a special anniversary for me. It’s been one year of working as a research scientist in industry. I actually started my job on the 9th of March 2020. I had a special celebration this weekend. I did not only get paid but it’s been one year of not being broke and living my best life. For the special occasion, the weather has been fantastic, with temperatures of about 10-15 C and lots of sunshine. It was the first weekend, I managed to eat fish and chips by the beach on Friday after work and cycled to the white cliffs. It’s been glorious!

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What about the longest January of history?

It’s that time of the month again when I sit down to reflect on the month that just finished. I set this as one of my intentions of 2021 and it’s a way for me to break annual goals into small and more attainable tasks. So, at the beginning of every month, I take one or two hours of my time to reflect, evaluate my progress and set the intentions for the next month. I think it’s always good to check on yourself and whether you’re moving in the right direction in life.

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Finding my identity as an adult

I have been meaning to write something for my blog for weeks. Being consistent with my writing is one of my goals for this year. I think I found my balance and routine after a hectic year. My mental health is kind of stable, although it’s a challenge to stay positive after 2 and a half months of lockdown and 10 months of a global pandemic. I have more time to dedicate to my hobbies and sharing my opinions and views on social media.

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