Second lockdown, who this?

Long time no see! After two months off, I am back to blogging. I have been wondering what to do with this website and whether it was the case to keep it at all for a long time. So many things have changed this year. Lockdown, relocation, career transition haven’t been easy to deal with. I am struggling to find my own voice, identity and what I want to do going forward. It goes without saying that my existential dilemma has an impact on my online activities because most of my brand is myself. It took a month to decide to keep the website and pay WordPress for my personal plan and the domain. I just figured that I can keep talking about this transition and the process of figuring out what I want to do with my life and identity.

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Surviving the global pandemic – personal perspective

This is a personal post based on my personal views and experience. Please keep your judgement for yourself. Thanks

We’ve been 3 weeks into the lockdown here in the UK and I kind of managed to reach a sense of “normality”, whatever this means these days. I wrote about protecting your mental health during a global pandemic about 4 weeks ago, so if you want to read more about it please check my previous article. This article isn’t intended to be a guide on how to survive the quarantine. Everyone is different and people deal with drastic and unexpected situations differently. I just would like to share my experience and help others navigating those unexpected and unprecedente circumstances.
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How to protect your mental health during a pandemic infectious disease

This is a personal post based on my personal views and experience. Please keep your judgement for yourself. Thanks

It is hard to write something during these days of uncertainty and anxiety. No one has seen anything like this before. We all watch and read the news so there’s no need to remind what’s going on. My family is locked down in Italy, they can’t go out unless with permission of the police and only if it’s absolutely necessary, like for work, food shopping or doctor’s appointment. In the UK, there’s no ban (yet) but I decided to isolate myself anyway because I don’t want to get infected. Probably, this new coronavirus won’t kill someone like me, but I am aware that I can still be a carrier for the virus and can spread it around. So, I restricted my outdoor activities to going to work, buying food and other essential items.
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Eating disorder awareness week – Love yourself

As far as I remember, I have been struggling with eating disorders. There has never been a time when I was comfortable with my body image and my relationship with food has always been problematic. People think than only bulimia or anorexia are classified as eating disorders. This is incorrect! According to the NHS (National Health Service in the UK), eating disorder is an umbrella term that encompasses a series of conditions including anorexia, bulimia, binge eating and other illnesses do not fit into the definitions of those mentioned previously but are equally serious.

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What growing tough skin as a scientist really means!

If you started your PhD a while back and for some reason, you would underperform, drop out from the programme, didn’t progress as much as your coworkers or found a traditional or non-traditional job outside academia, you would have been labelled as FAILURE! Failing to prove to be successful, failing for not fitting into the culture and ultimately failing to grow tough skin. Basically, you would put yourself into 5y of extra schooling, with lower than minimum wage salary, with no security for your family and future (by no means a comprehensive guide) and then this classifies you as a failure!

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How I keep my eating disorder under control

This is a personal post so keep any judgement and unsolicited advice for yourself. Thanks

I have been suffering from eating disorders as far as I remember. I was a chubby kid and people used to tease me a lot because of that. I had low self-esteem and confidence in myself because all the boys were after the cute girls and not after myself. I just accepted that this was the way it was. Family and parents used to tell me “if they don’t see the good in you, they don’t deserve you!”. Fair enough, but when you are 15 that doesn’t serve you well. I lived my whole life thinking that my body was defining me, my value, my worth and what I had to offer to the world.

Then things changed.

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Mental Health crisis among grad students – Take a step back

It’s been a while since I wrote something for my website and the main reason is that I have many unhealthy relationships. One of these is with work. I am unable to stop and I need the feeling to be constantly busy to feel that I achieve something. I recently started seeing a counsellor to treat my eating disorders and while digging into the reasons why I tend to overeat at times, I realised that eating or cooking is a way to fill the time. I overload myself with work for the same reason, it’s a way to fill the time. So, I decided to take a step back and set my priorities. Last week my priority #1 was my Etsy shop. It was small business week so I decided to run a promotion and put some of my items on sale. I didn’t expect to sell so much so my main focus was going to the post office and creating personalised items during my spare time.

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Suicide prevention – #menshealthactive at UoN

I am seriously uncomfortable talking about the topic of suicide and self-harm. But I was much more uncomfortable when I came across the news that 95 students died by suicide across England and Wales during the academic year 2017/2018. This is a shocking number. To raise awareness about this tragic reality, the University of Nottingham created a memorial to honour the memory of the students who decided to bring their life to an end. The memorial displays 95 pairs of shoes and this is part of the Suicide Awareness Week Programme organised by the Student’s Union at UoN.

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How to manage and save money – a personal perspective

One of my strongest assets is that I am very good at managing my money. When I was small, my parents didn’t have a stable job and we didn’t have the luxury of buying cakes, Barbies or clothes. Everything was donated by rich relatives or the Church. Going to my friends’ house and playing was a good way to eat brioches and drink coke which was rarely bought in my house. Nor that I complain about this, it’s a different experience and definitely taught me how to be conscious with my money and work for everything I have. Finances for especially for students is a tough topic because many live on student’s loans, have part-time jobs and if they do have a scholarship, it might be just enough to survive (welcome real life).

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