The wildfires in Amazonia/ Gli incendi in Amazzonia EN/IT

Photo credit: The Guardian

If you think that what’s going on in South America isn’t your problem just because you don’t live there, THINK AGAIN!

The Amazon rainforest is not supposed to burn at such an alarming rate. In fact, rainforests are forests characterized by high rainfall, with annual rainfall, in the case of tropical forest, between 250 and 450 centimetres.

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Aluminium and the claims about breast cancer

Recently, aluminium salts have been demonised as one of the major cause of breast cancer. This is because analysis on breast cancer cells showed a large amount of aluminium. Hence, the claim that aluminium salts, such as aluminium hydroxide and aluminium chloride are responsible for it. To which extent this is true?

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How to make a STEM event more accessible

How do we make sure to include everyone in science and make them feel like they are welcomed? This isn’t an easy task because the world is progressing very quickly and society and science really didn’t keep up with the pace. I decided to put together this guide, which is by no means a complete manual, on how to make a science event such as a business meeting, conference or a congress accessible to everyone.
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What’s my PhD about?

As my public profile increases more and more, I get loads of question from people about my research, what’s my range of expertise and if I am a real scientist. I am a 4th year PhD student in Sustainable Chemistry. I started my PhD in 2015 and I will finish this year, hopefully! I am on a fully funded research project and I started my PhD with a master in Green Chemistry. I designed my initial research proposal and pitched to a panel of academics and industrial folks but it didn’t go very well, so I am working on totally different stuff now.

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San Valentine’s Day: Chemistry of Love and Beyond

Today, I woke up and felt happy. This is a strange feeling as I spent most of my San Valentine’s days alone ruminating why everyone was off celebrating and I was home on my own. I guess all the meditation and several boxes of antidepressants are really helping in keeping my emotions under control. Considering the unusual and strange feeling I decided to dress up and come to lab this morning because you really don’t need a partner to celebrate love.

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Is education for and accessible to everyone?

To celebrate the Internation Day of Women and Girls in science I decided to put together this blog article which is a summary of previous posts I have already done on Instagram. The United Nations instituted the 11th of February as a day to celebrate women in science and showcase diversity in the STEM landscape. We are very far off from getting gender equality. Society, financial and academic biases are one of the major deterrent from girls to enter the STEM world. For the research that show how women have been mistreted by science and society over the centuries check Inferior by Angela Saini.

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All the plastic-free items I bought

Plastic is becoming a global threat. This is not because of the material itself but its inappropriate use. I am not writing this post to demonise plastic. It’s an incredible material, robust, hygienic, resistant and easy to handle. Researchers are struggling to find alternative materials with similar properties. Unfortunately, plastic isn’t biodegradable and will persist in the environment forever. Much worse is that its degradation consists in the formation of tiny pieces of plastic, known as microplastics, which are a far more dangerous threat to the environment. In fact, due to their tiny dimensions, it’s really hard to remove them from water. So marine animals eat them with deadly consequences to their survival. (1, 2)

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Waste-free travelling

I love travelling for leisure, business and visit my family. I travel at least twice a year to go to Italy and spend time in my hometown. With the recent policies of low-cost travel companies to bring only one small luggage in the cabin, you might think of bringing the bare minimun and buying the rest at the airport. For me, some stuff are no negotiable, I prefer to pack waste-free items and reduce my impact on the environment rather than packing and extra pair of shoes or a bag.

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My takeover of the STEM squad account


It’s been an absolute pleasure to take over @thestemsquad account and be surrounded by people who talk about ideas with the aim of making things better.
How we encourage more women in STEM is the first question I asked. Do women need more visibility?
Yes and no. Actually, women do apply for STEM disciplines at university. The problem is that they get lost along the way. A recent report showed that, in chemistry, the percentage of female undergrads is 44%. The number drops to 35% for graduate students and only 9% of professors are female.

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