You will not win the Nobel Prize for your PhD thesis.

There are loads of things I wish I was told before starting this PhD. The list is so long that I am not even sure where to start with. Apart from the obvious things, like making sure to find a supporting and understanding advisor (really learned this the hard way), familiarising with the wellbeing facilities like the health centre, gym etc, or finding your community of people, either by joining societies, book clubs, becoming member of sport and more professional clubs (will talk about this later on this month).

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#altac – How to look for jobs outside academia

You are about to finish your degree, master or PhD, and you are panicking because you have to apply for jobs but none tells you how to do it? After my last post on how to structure your CV (if you haven’t read it yet, please, check here), I was involved in loads of conversation about transferrable skills and what universities do or, most likely, don’t do to help the transition from academia to industry. I honestly don’t believe this is fair at all as, in many countries, students end up with an eternal mortgage to get an education.

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Are you aware of your potential? How to structure you CV!

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The other day I came across an article published on Science Career with the title You have accomplished more than you think! It was written by my friend Karin, scientist and author of the book You Must Be Very Intelligent – The PhD Delusion. The article starts with the story of a postdoc who wants to leave academia but believes that the skills she gained during her academic research won’t grant her any job! Unfortunately, I hear this story over and over again and as I am approaching the end of my PhD, many people ask me “Are you gonna do a postdoc after this? Is there any chemical industry that will hire you after your PhD degree?” When I tell people that you can also work either in science communication, scientific affairs, as a medical writer, get an editorial job, patent attorney with a science degree, they stare at me with their mouth open. “I didn’t know that you could do that with a PhD!

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How to deal with lack of motivation

I just want to start off with apologising for the long hiatus from blogging. The last 2 months have been hectic. I finished off my labwork, I am almost done with my thesis, I presented my research at the European Symposium on Organic Chemistry and I am applying for jobs. I also had a two-week vacation to visit my family in Italy because I needed a break from everything so badly.

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How to prepare for your PhD oral defence

All right folks, long overdue post on how I am getting along with preparing my thesis defence. I know that this process isn’t the same for everyone and different universities adopt different criteria and requirement to earn a PhD degree. In my university and pretty much in many UK institutions, you have an oral exam with a professor from your university and another one from elsewhere. They question you about your work and assess your general knowledge on your field of research and your subject of study overall.

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How I got my dream job! – A personal perspective

The right job is like the wedding dress, when you see the right one, you feel it!

I have been jumping around for the past 3 days because I got a job offer for a position as a scientist in a pharmaceutical company. I am beyond ecstatic to keep working in research and use my knowledge and silks to promote innovation in the field of drug discovery. Honestly, it sounds incredible!
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Should I engage with LinkedIn collaborative articles?

I use LinkedIn on a daily basis since the end of my PhD. I’ve always used the platform to grow and expand my network. I found my two industry jobs with LinkedIn and pretty much all of my clients for this new solo trader venture I just started. It’s a great professional network which became a lot more than just looking for jobs. People talk to each other, share opinions, engage in interesting conversations, use it for personal branding and many recruiters are active on LinkedIn.

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PoC in STEM – Ebony in the Ivory Tower

Science has been and, sadly continues to be, grossly racist and discriminatory. It might seem a long distant past where black bodies were inappropriately used for science, see the story of Henrietta Lacks for example. Unfortunately, some well-known and influential individuals in the science arena continues to feed the narrative of differences between races,  despite the American Society of Human Genetics states that any attempt to use genetics as scientific evidence and set differences between races shows a profound misunderstanding of the discipline.

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International Women and Girls day in science?

Today, it’s international day of women and girls in science. Let’s celebrate! I feel like this is the first year I want to express my honest opinion on the landscape present and future of women in science. I hear and have been hearing loads blanket statements around the topic and I have always hidden my opinion. After many years supporting women in science, managing a social media page that uplifts and amplifies the voice of women and girls who struggle to exist in science, and least but not last, being a woman with a disability in science (and life) myself, I decided to come forward with my usual unpopular opinions. DISCLAIMER: this post is based on my views, it isn’t an attack to anyone. Everyone has the right to express themselves freely and this is a space I created to share my own views. If you aren’t interested, please, feel free to disagree respectful and if not, just move on and peace out!

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Asking for what you deserve – salary negotiation!

I mean there’s no secret about that, we’re in the year of the Lord 2022, the world just been turned upside down by a global pandemic and guess what? Women and other traditionally not represented groups of people are still likelt to be paid less than men to do the same job! Let’s celebrate! DISCLAIMER: This article was originally published on 7th Feb 2022.

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