How to get a job in industry – A personal perspective

Two weeks ago, I received a wonderful news. I passed my six month-probation and I have a permanent contract as reserach scientist in industry now. Considering the global pandemic and the economic recession, I feel like my permanent contract is worth 10 times more than it would have last year. Note: a while back I expressed my wish to talk about myself and my new life in Kent rather than PhD and my job. Unfortunately, with the pandemic, all activities outside working are non-extistent, so to keep my blog alive, I feel like I need to talk about professional things.

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The life of your dream means taking the hardest decisions.

The last 6 months have been so intense and dense of events that it feels like it’s been 6 years already. Since my last blog article, a lot of things have changed. First of all, I am no longer in my 20s. On Jun the 8th, I turned 30 years old! I couldn’t do any celebration because we were still in lockdown but I didn’t mind that much. I celebrate my life every day so I don’t have to wait for a special day to do special things. I work and live in awesome locations by the beach and the quality of my life has improved so much that I don’t even feel like I need to go to Italy on holiday this summer.

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Coming out from the pandemic with a new mindset

Usual appointment at the end of the month by making an update of the things that change and how I update my mindset every month. I didn’t write anything at the end of April because I didn’t feel like there was much to say considering the severity of the global pandemic. So, this is a long post, sit back, relax and enjoy!

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Approaching the job market in the middle of a global pandemic

This is a personal post based on my personal views and experience. Please keep your judgement for yourself. Thanks

It’s always very difficult to say something when the outside world is cracking down, loads of people are dying, we live in isolation far from loved ones and friends. It’s a horrible situation which I decided to address with some sarcasm and silliness because I have spent so much time sorting out my mental health and depression that I won’t let corona destroy all my hard work and progress.

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I thought that my PhD was tough then coronavirus arrived!

This is a personal post based on my personal views and experience. Please keep your judgement for yourself. Thanks

Since my last update at the end of February, my world and the entire world turned upside down. We are living a global pandemic that no one has ever seen before. Everyone is having their own struggle, there’s shortage of food at grocery stores, people are dying, others have been living in self-isolation for weeks, many are losing jobs.
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How I got my dream job! – A personal perspective

The right job is like the wedding dress, when you see the right one, you feel it!

I have been jumping around for the past 3 days because I got a job offer for a position as a scientist in a pharmaceutical company. I am beyond ecstatic to keep working in research and use my knowledge and silks to promote innovation in the field of drug discovery. Honestly, it sounds incredible!
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How I manage my time effectly and productively

Last year, I decided to use my blog as a sort of diary to assess different points of my life, like professional career which was my PhD at the time, personal growth, self-care and social life. I started from January and I continued up until the end of my PhD. It was a very therapeutic thing because it made me reflect on my progress and how to improve myself every day and becoming a better person than the day before.

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Dr Toyin Alli – mathematician, lecturer and entrepreneur

Hello folks, this is the last blog article before the end of the year and I decided to share my interview with one of my virtual friend Toyin. She is a lecturer at University of Georgia and earned her PhD in mathematics from the University of Alabama. Toyin is also the founder of The Academic Society, a friendly space for grad student where they can find resources on how to balance school and adulting. Since the launch of The Academic Society, Toyin launched and monetised several of the activities. She launched an online course called the productivity accelerator and self-published a book through Amazon called #gradboss – A grad school Survival guide. You can find Toyin on Instagram, subscribe to her Youtube channel, and, if you are a PhD student, you can join her Facebook group too to make the most of your higher education.

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Sophie Okolo – scientist, writer and longevity advocate

Sophie Okolo, MPH, is the founder and chief editor of Global Health Aging, a web-based publication covering the research and news dedicated to “exploring the implications of longer, healthier lives.” Sophie is a science writer and researcher with a bachelor’s degree in bioinformatics and a master’s degree in public health. She is passionate about creating a better quality of life for older adults through increasing access to preventive care and building public awareness of older adults’ perception and treatment. Her writing has appeared in Forbes, PBS Next Avenue, Massive Science, Philips, IEEE Potentials, and others. An advocate for STEM inclusion, Sophie supports various causes that improve women and minority representation. She is a TEDMED 2020 Research Scholar, and currently serves as an advisor for humanKINDER – a company that shines a light on untold stories, ideas, and solutions for systems change. You can follow Sophie on Twitter or Instagram.

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How to shine at business events as an introvert.

I am off to a conference in Vienna from this Saturday and for the whole following week. It will be a big event with big-name professors from all over the world and about 400 posters on display. I initially applied to do an oral presentation, but I didn’t make it. So, I was given the chance to present a poster. Not too bad. Going to such huge events where you will meet all the people whose names you have been reading on papers for 4+ years can be daunting.  And if you are an introvert, it might feel like a nightmare.
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