Etsy Shop

Crocheting Science was born in Fall 2018 after I broke up with my ex-boyfriend. I used to spend evenings and weekends with him and, at some point, I found myself spending time on my own. Crocheting was a way to deal with my anxiety and depression. I launched the shop with no prior experience in selling or marketing. I just did it.

I never expected my shop to grow so much and becoming a source of extra income for me. All my items are handmade and come with minimal packaging and no plastic wrapping. All my earnings will support my education, the hard work I do to empower students in believing in themselves and make the most of their higher education.

I sell science-related bookmarks, cardholders, keyrings and wall decorations. For personalised gifts or large orders, feel free to DM me. 69631319_965814623761704_3717032631179673600_n.jpg