Past events

Bookclub at Paradise Garden

Words and Wine: a Bookclub evening with Dr Teresa Ambrosio

Dr Teresa will host the discussion on Lessons in chemistry. The book narrates the story of a research scientist that turns out to be the host of the most popular cooking show in America. It is set in the early 1950s and offers a blunt and honest perspective on the challenges women in science, single mums, and women in business faced and still face on a daily basis.

Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnies Garmus, Wed 29th March, 7.30 pm at Paradise Garden 213 City Road, Roath, Cardiff

Lessons in chemistry is also available on Audible.

Braintenace book club discussion with Dr Julia Ravey

Come along to discuss the evidence-based guide on creating and maintaining healthy habits with the author Dr Julia Ravey. Looking forward to meeting you on Mon the 26th at 6pm GMT (online event)

A zoom link to the event will be sent upon payment

Buy Braintenance, also available on Audible

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