Happy Wednesday! Our host Teresa is originally from Southern Italy and is currently based in the UK. 🇮🇹 🇬🇧 She is a PhD researcher in Chemistry at the @uniofnottingham. On her site, @phd_to_success, she shares her research as a chemist and helps graduate students discover the many possible career options after graduating with a PhD. 🔬 Teresa is also incredibly passionate about sustainability, green chemistry and healthy living. ♻️🌿 Catch her takeover on Snapchat – WomenInTech – today! ➡️👻


My Takeover for the STEM squad

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The STEM Squad is a place created by the visionary Christine Ramen to support women and non-binary folks in science. You can find theSTEMsquad on Twitter and Instagram. Christine Ramen is also the founder of TwoPhotons art. The main points of my takeover are summarised here.



The FemaleScientist


This is my portrait for the Female Scientist association, a non-profit association that supports Women in Science. Meet Teresa Ambrosio – Scientist, Woman and Advocate. Click here to access the full article.

Best #chemselfie of the #RealTimeChem week


I took part in the #REALTIMECHEM week and my #chemselfie showing how women in chemistry look like winning the best selfie of the contest. Click here to see the full article on C&N magazine.


Feature in ChemistryWorld Magazine

f2I gave an interview to the Royal Society of Chemistry talking about my experience of doing research and dealing with depression. To access the article “Making mental health a priority” click here.


Using crochet to communicate science

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Olivia Wilkins, PhD candidate at Caltech, feature my Etsy shop as a creative way to use art for science communication. Additionally, the shop doesn’t only initiate certain conversation in science but also scientific culture (or the lack of), such as self-care. To know more check here.


Introducing Teresa Ambrosio – Society of Chemical Industry Ambassador

Teresa AmbrosioSince May 2016, I have been joining the Ambassador scheme of the Society of Chemical Industry. Their aim is to bring science and business together. To read my biography check here. I contributed to showcasing the Society on two occasions: 1. During the Engineering and Science for a Sustainable Future Conference and 2. At the College of Scholar’s Day Event. On that day, alongside my team, we came up with a business plan to promote a new device to monitor sugar levels in the body. We won the prize for the best business plan.

My contribution to PhDepression: Myself and Depression



Feature by Women Doing Science

f6Teresa is a PhD student in chemistry at the University of Nottingham. Teresa’s research focuses on the design and optimization of new catalytic reactions. Some reactions occur very slowly unless under drastic conditions like high pressure and temperature. Use of a catalyst speeds up a reaction and keeps it at better conditions (low temperature, neutral pH, and ambient pressure). Teresa is also active on social media as a science communicator. She has a youtube channel with videos featuring elements of the periodic table. She has also started a movement called #featurethechemistry and presented this work at the Society of Chemical Industry in London. Teresa is also open about her experiences as a PhD student dealing with depression. Follow women.doing.science

Collaboration with StoriesofScience.org

How my PhD training Empowered me.

Story Key Points

  • Keep an open mind about academia
  • Seeking for non-traditional paths after graduation is not a failure
  • Extra-curricular activities are not a waste of time


Contribution to GirlsWhoBond

f3“SMALL MINDS DISCUSS PEOPLE, AVERAGE MINDS DISCUSS EVENTS, GREAT MINDS DISCUSS IDEAS” A few months ago, @karellyrg asked me to create a new page to give more visibility to women in chemistry. As might have noticed there are loads of groups about WomenInTech  GirlsWhoCode  WomenInMedicine  women.doing.science  but what about chemistry? Continue reading here.


Interview with Katherine Hatcher.

f12Katherine runs an Instagram account called grad_selfcare with the aim to raise more awareness on the problem of poor well-being in gradschool. I totally admire her for her honesty to speak publicly about important issues such as isolation in academia and stigma about fat people. My full interview can be found here.


Interview with the 500WomenScientists


The 500 Women Scientists is a non-profit association with the aim of promoting women in STEM, equity and diversity in science. To read my full interview, please check here.




Interview with the International Women Leaders

I was asked to give an interview to talk about my experience as a scientist and how I got interested in chemistry. My profile was featured as one of the most inspirational and influential among scientists on social media. My story can be found here.