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Among the STEM disciplines, chemistry is the least appealing to the general public. Biology fascinates people with all the beautiful mechanisms that make our body works. Physicists engage with amazing stories about the origin of the universe, black holes and gravitational waves. Computer scientists are always up with the next revolutionary algorithm to show off.

It sounds like that chemists don’t have any nice story to tell. The Royal Society of Chemistry launched the campaign “chemistry isn’t boring, you are boring” to promote more outreach and public engagement activities to make chemistry more attractive for a lay audience. Chemistry can be accounted for almost every chemical process in the universe and still we don’t know how to communicate this. .
I’m doing my bit and decided to promote the chem community of Instagram as much as I can. From next Monday onwards, I’ll feature one of the chemists of Instagram in my profile twice a month. Keep your notification on for the first collaboration featuring one of my friends in Edinburgh and follow the hashtag #featurethechemistry.

Contribution to #featurethechemistry

SOCIAL MEDIA FOR SCIENCE COMMUNICATION. Today I had the privilege to come to London at the headquarters of the Society of Chemical ftc2Industry to give a talk about using social media for scicomm.
I’ll be talking about the recent campaign #featurethechemistry that I launched on Instagram along with my friends 👫👭👬 @helenthechemist @chem.with.kellen @silli_scientist @m_chemiker @scolaro.bianca @chicchemistry @leahthechemist @chemistrylover_vie
Thanks, guys for your support and everyone for the lovely comments and messages I get every day. I wouldn’t be here without your support.




This is the time of the year when the vast majority of grad students start a self-analysis on what’s been over the year. 2018 is almost gone, Christmas decorations are round the corner but we aren’t quite there yet, daylight is a privilege the Northen European countries. So what’s the best time of the year to start a self-care challenge and make it a New Year Resolution for the rest of 2019?.
So let’s get started:
1. Clean your room
2. Look at the starts
3. 20 min stretching
4.Wear a great outfit (always time to shine)
5. Unfollow negative accounts
6. Write a gratitude list
7. Make a nice breakfast
8. Write someone a letter
9. Try a new hobby
10. Take a nap
11. Try yoga
12. digital declutter
13. Start a new book
14. Learn something new
15. List the things you love about yourself
16. Try breathing exercise
17. Have a treat
18. Unplug for an hour
19. Help someone
20. Home spa day
21. Reorganise you closet
22. See a friend
23. Try a new recipe
24. Hug someone
25. Burn a scented candle
26. Call someone you love
27. Listen to calming music
28. Clean out that junk drawer
29. Watch a childhood movie
30. Do something crafty
DECEMBER —> Repeat
In my opinion, self-care should be practise every day and should be as important as education. Listen to your body and learn how to take a break. Most students, including me, feel guilty when they take time out from PhD life. But if we don’t work, will our PhD work? Please show me the way to practise self-care by using the hashtag and tag me and @ph_d_epression in your posts. I will reshare your tips in my stories.
Raise your hand in the air if you are with me🤚🏼🤚🏿


Inspired by the Incredible Samantha Yammine I decided to do a video, telling how my PhD empowered me.