Meet the team

Dr Teresa Ambrosio

Dr Teresa Ambrosio, PhD (she/her) is a highly creative and disruptive senior research scientist who holds a PhD in sustainable chemistry awarded by the University of Nottingham, UK. She has got 7+ years of experience in scientific research, studied and investigated properties of transition metal complexes for sustainable catalysis, and worked in pharma as research scientist after her doctoral training. She is the founder of Teresa Ambrosio Consulting and creator of Women Transforming Science, a platform that empowers and uplifts women to pursue science as a profession. She offers scientific writing and content creation as well as advertisement on her social media platforms. Outside work, Dr Teresa enjoys reading and she tells the stories of her adventures around the world by posting on her Instagram page, dr_teresaambrosio_.

Sophie Okolo, MHP

Sophie Okolo, MPH, (she/her) is the founder of Global Health Aging, a consultancy for products that make people’s lives better and healthier. She’s a scientific content creator and her articles are at the intersection between technology and healthcare, including how innovations transform the management of chronic disease for diverse populations. She has been published extensively, most notably appearing in Salon, Inverse, and other media outlets. She is a Forbes and PBS Next Avenue Contributor, Columbia University Age Boom Academy Fellow, and TEDMED Research Scholar. She is also an advisor to humanKINDER, an award-winning company that shines a light on untold stories, ideas, and solutions for systems change. More than a decade ago, Ms. Okolo moved to the U.S. to live her “American dream” to become a writer and a journalist. Outside of work, she spends time helping students, particularly those from Africa and the diaspora, through scholarship, mentorship, and coaching.

Social media marketing intern

Margaret Ojeniyi (she/her) is originally from Nigerian and holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Language Arts awarded from the University of  Ibadan, Nigeria. She’s currently based in Port Talbot, Wales, and is studying at Cardiff-Met where she’s pursuing her Masters’s degree in Strategic Marketing.

She has previous experience working as a Digital Marketer/ content creator gained at HMO(Cribmd) and a Blockchain company (Toronet) where she worked as a social media intern.

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