The alien feeling of belonging

This is year 6 of blogging, Thanks wordpress for the nice reminder. I’m nowhere as consistent as I was with my writing and pushing content for women transforming science. It’s hard to make the time and write something meaningful. To say that this year has been challenging, it’s an understatement. I changed job, I moved country, I had to put my whole life in a bunch of boxes and restarting from scratch at the age of 32. I resumed regular therapy sessions and changed medications for my mental illness and I’ve been figuring out that what I always called depression is actually some form of psychosis.

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New year, New me? Unsubscribe from the BS

Long time, no see! I’ve been on holiday since December 10th spending time with my family, in nature and cooking all day every day. A dream. I haven’t seen my family for 2 years due to covid restrictions and it was good to celebrate all the achievements of the endless pandemic with them! Loads of people I know tested positive due to new omicron variant of coronavirus, so I didn’t do much of mundane life. My initial idea was to celebrate new year in England watching fireworks and partying on the beach. Sadly, this won’t happen this year either so I decided to extend my holiday in Italy and spend a few more days with family.

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