Dr Julia Ravey – scientist, BBC content producer & author

Once upon a time, I used to interview people for my blog and ask them a bit more about their journey in science. I had a section on my blog called interviews and, as a student, it was cool to learn from the experience of other people and how they got where they were at the time. My last interview was back in 2019, life changed since and I’m revamping that section of my website with a new scientist to feature: Dr Julia Ravey. Julia has a PhD in neuroscience and, after landing a job at Alzheimer Research UK, she became a BBC science broadcaster and producer. She also wrote a book Braintenance, an evidence-based guide on creating and maintaining healthy habits. The book brings in diverse scientific research on neuroscience, behavioural studies and human psychology and digs into interesting questions on why the human brain is resistant to change and what we can do to reverse this pattern. To know more buy Braintenance, also available on Audible.

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