Happiness is your responsability!

A friend of mine told me this exact words last year “When you have a certain level of privilege (which we all do in western countries) happiness is your responsibility!” And she was right! I took charge of my happiness last winter when I decided to move to Cardiff. It was a leap of faith to relocate and work in a place where I never set foot before, but I’ve lived more of my life in the past 4 weeks than the last 2 years

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Why I decided to transition to a job in process development

At times, I think April’s fool wasn’t only April 1st for me, it’s been like a tragicomic movie all along. The first week of April was supposed to be my last working week at my former job. I spoke on how I came about my decision to explore different options for my future career in another article, check it out if you missed it. Then, my last week suddenly became my last day because I tested positive for covid.

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