Social media for personal branding

A short workshop to learn 1. the basics of creating a long-term, sustainable brand; 2. Identify your business model

Next workshop will be on Thu the 13th of April at 5 pm GMT

I’ll be sharing my experience with social media for branding and how I built a strong and influential platform over the last 3 years. I have been featured as one of the most influential scientists on social media in 2019, interviewed on a podcast, and given interviews in prestigious magazines such as Chemistry World. I successfully monetised my pages by brand deals and selling merchandise. My page run at a 6% engagement rate over the period 2018-2019.

The course will cover:

– Why you should get started,

– Exploring different channels, SEO optimisation, and content management tools

– How to create a long-term brand and organic growth 

– Identifying your business

“Teresa provides tips, tricks, and tools to build a meaningful long-term social media presence. She is candid with her experience, breaks down what branding really means, and empowers you to take the next steps toward monetization. Great course to take your social media account to the next level!” – Client testimonial.

How to nail a job interview

You send loads of job applications and get no response? or After sending a million job applications, you did it! You managed to get all the way to a job interview. Come to my next workshop and I will tell you How to make sure you make the most of job hunting or confidently nail your next job opportunity.

In this 1h workshop you will learn how:

– leverage the power of your network

– tailor your application to the right audience

– engage with the hiring panel

– ask the right questions

Client testimonial: Thank you again for the workshop! There are a lot of tips I can take from it and as I said, will aim to implement. I really think you have some excellent tips that can help a lot of people and would be really glad if you get to have a wider audience. I would like to relay that somewhere publicly, whether it is LinkedIn or your own personal website, let me know!

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